This MOUS DESIGN living room exudes a serene Scandinavian ambiance with its minimalist aesthetic, reflecting the Desa Sentralmas Apartment style. A soft color palette of creamy whites and warm neutrals enhances the sense of space, complemented by sleek furnishings and subtle decor. Strategic lighting accentuates the clean lines, while green plant accents add a touch of nature, embodying the album's theme of "DESIGN & BUILT" in every detail.
Album: Desa Sentralmas Apartment
Location grey
Stack of money Estimated price : RM80000.0
3D Concept Ideas Inspirations 800 - 1200 sqft Condo / Apartment Showroom Scandinavian Minimalist Carpentry Flooring Wetworks 3D Design Plaster Ceiling Painting Kitchen Cabinet Furniture Curtain Lighting HVAC Electrical Ceiling Wardrobe TV Cabinet / Console Wall Decor Sofa Artwork White Beige