Opulence Design presents a sophisticated living room at Wangsa 9 Residency that masterfully blends modern and rustic aesthetics. Featuring a sleek, white sectional sofa, balanced by dark accents and natural wooden elements, the space exudes contemporary comfort. Earthy tones complement the expanses of clean lines and minimalistic décor, while large windows invite natural light, accentuating the open-plan design and enhancing the inviting ambiance evident in Opulence Design's portfolio of luxurious, tailored interiors.
Location grey WANGSA 9
Stack of money Estimated price : RM75000.0
Completed Condo / Apartment Living Dining Room Kids Bedroom Bedroom Study Entrance / Foyer Living Room Display Shelf Modern Rustic Carpentry 3D Design Painting Kitchen Cabinet Curtain Lighting Electrical TV Cabinet / Console KL 1800 - 2400 sqft