the best salsa teacher in town


Outcast Dance Studio teaches a diverse range of dance styles from Salsa, Latin, Bellydancing, Tango to Hip Hop. I learnt Salsa from them and they teach a very unique style of Salsa which is the New York Style. The owner and principal teacher is Gavin Chan who studied dance in New York. He is also a professional performer who often performs at international Salsa festivals and workshops. Classes are clearly taught and everyone can learn at their own pace to advance to higher level classes when they are ready. I have observed that this studio had a good mix of dance students who range from young to "young at heart". It is the people that makes the difference between a good studio and a great one. What I like most is the friendly atmosphere of this studio and I have made many good friends over the years. Outcast also holds yearly student performances where students have an opportunity to perform. If you want to learn dance, I would recommend this as a place to go.


Good salsa teacher

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