by janicelim22b11 over 2 years

"good service"

by Anthony Fonseka over 2 years

"Overall is ok only. Plaster ceiling is not level and not smooth. Didn’t even paint properly. Floors was covered at first only then when the cover came off they didn’t bother to put back so deep scratches on my floor. Spent another 2k polishing because of them. The supervisor is fine but when he’s not there the workers will do as they please. Not a professional contractor and all foreigners. "

by Kim over 2 years

"Very Happy With Them;
a) Very responsive and helpful. I am a first time apartment owner and Dickson service is excellent. Always recommend me the best following to my budget. Replies my WhatsApp promptly even on weekends. So hardworking!
b) Value for money. Good workmanship for plaster ceiling, installation of grille for dry yard windows & main door, electrical wiring & lighting installation. I was busy working and there's nobody to supervise. They will whatsapp progress of work / work needs approval beforehand. If there's any mistakes, they rectified it promptly.

Areas that Need improvements:
a) Cabinet making - there's mistake with one of the cabinet measurement and turned it out wrongly but they rectified it immediately without additional costs. But the quality and workmanship for my kitchen bar counter and overall cabinets matched to my standards & budget.
b) Paint work - Need improvements. Overall paint work for my living room is very good but when it comes to individual rooms, there's some unevenness. Need several touch-ups. Which I pointed out and they rectified it.

Things to point out:
They do not purchase lighting/light fixtures & paint on my behalf as I only paid for light installation fee. I have to shop for them on my own. I don't mind shopping for my own home stuff, but it was time consuming & carrying all those paint buckets on my own. So if you are looking for one-leg- kick-all contractor, please check with them properly first before committing.

Thanks for making my home beautiful.


by ian553 over 3 years

"Overall a very disappointing experience. I found the contractor dis-organised and unwilling to address any errors. Has failed to respond to a request for minor repairs due to faulty workmanship now the full balance of the money has been paid."

Pmj replied over 3 years ago

"We have repair for your wiring due to previous contractor did not do the proper work and we have did a good repair to you . Otherwise you couldn't stay in your house comfortable."

Ian553 replied over 3 years ago

"My complaint relates to the problems with the plaster ceiling and the failure to respond to my messages."

by linda67 almost 4 years

"satisfied and delighted with our room, good job"

by resh30 almost 4 years

"reasonable price, overall service is good"

External Review
by Mr.Lim about 4 years

"It is definitely a budget contract renovation, the progression is truly updated and I delighted to see it, satisfied with their workmanship."

External Review
by Mr Ong about 4 years

"This company price is reasonable, I found much company before but I like to give this job to PMJ because they will give me a good consult and good service, addressing unforeseen, very satisfied."

External Review
by Ms Ang about 4 years

"This company has good reasonable quote, I appreciate with this company give me a good consult that I can renovation my shop fastly and good quality control, good quality material as well."

External Review
by Mr Rosman about 4 years

"I satisfied with this company fabrication stand and method of installation, they will come fastly when my house has any problem and settle fastly. I appreciate with this company service"

External Review
by Ms Neghavati about 4 years

"I am completely satisfied and delighted with our house, it is beautiful. The job quality exceeded all my expectations. "

External Review
by Bryan about 4 years

"Thank you to this company give a very good quality material and fast service, and thank you for your amazing job transforming our basketball court, hope can continue to cooperate to next project."

External Review
by Mr Tan about 4 years

"I and my husband have surveyed few renovation company, the quotation that your company sends to us is reasonable so we decided to hire you. Good quality of the material. I will high recommended you to my friend."

by sathiaseelan about 4 years

"They are confident and able tounderstad to meet my budget"