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We are one stop solution provider for interior design and renovation services, for both commercial and residential projects.

With a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, you will get the best and most high quality Interior Design service that caters specifically to your needs.

QM Design - Build with passion.

"Very efficient and prompt service rendered. Was very pleased with their service level. Straight forward and transparent. No hanky panky or anything forceful. I must also comment on their honesty as well. Because they actually refunded my money when final work done was actually slightly lower cost than expected. Truly appreciated that. Thank you. " —Yuety

"Very happy with their service level. Straight forward and transparent. Never thought that they will accept a small task (re-paint ceiling & hanging dining light), appreciated for their great service. I highly recommend them for any renovation. Thank you." —Sally Lim

"My experience with QM Design has been extremely satisfying. We decided to refurbished our kitchen which was installed 14 years ago. The team assisted me from the first visit to the site till completed my house were so helpful and they were very patient. I really love the design and the finishing works. Thumbs up Xiao Chai for their wonderful service and delivering a product that I am very, very happy with. " —EmilyL

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