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I have subscribed their service for roof repair works 3 months ago. Sadly, there is no after-sales service. I have called many times to complain about the leaking that happens within few days from the repair work but no proper response or update to look into the problem. This is my worst experience with any contractor that I have dealt. Other contractors will entertain and relook into the problem and try to rectify it, especially if it is within few days of the actual work. Some even gives 6 months to 1 year warranty. But this contractor just don't bother to attend to customer

Mohd Zaki

Quality and Value will be different from each one of us. My standard of quality and value may be high if compare to others or vice versa.


I am yet to see if the quality of the work is good since it has to be tested over time. It cannot be seen in just 1 or 2 days.

The value is dependent on the quality versus the cost quoted by the contractor. This is yet to be seen.

On the timeliness, this has been great since the work is completed in 1 day. And, the contractor is very experienced on the service rendered

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