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Malaysia based Wedding photographer. Specialize in Wedding day, Pre wedding photography, Portrait photography & event photography.

"Robin Ng is a very patient and friendly photographer. He is experts in capturing brilliant pre-wedding and actual wedding day photos. Appreciate his professionalism, passion and the exceptional artistic talent that he have. Thanks for the awesome photos, it was great having the photos show off after the wedding . ヽ(^o^)ノ Keep it up !!" —Leanne

"Undoubtedly one of the best wedding photographer in Malaysia! Robin's creativity, discreetness & professionalism shows through his shots. He has captured my wedding moments like a dream come true. Simply amazing, thank you Robin!" —kolokmee

"Robin's photography is amazing, every picture tells a story. He knows exactly which angle will make you look amazing, and he doesn't just shoot, he also directs and tells you how to pose, how to smile, how to move in order to get the perfect shot. in your event, he is also very non invasive, you will hardly realise he is there." —Leona Mei Ling

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