This sleek bedroom from SIXTH Interior Sdn Bhd's 'Project RB / Metropark' showcases a contemporary design blending luxury and urban chic. The room features a dark wood accent wall, plush bedding, and clean lines. Soft, natural light filters through sheer curtains, contrasting with the urban toned furniture and gray shag rug, embodying the airy yet sophisticated aesthetic described in the portfolio. For a complete view of this home's renovation, visit SIXTH Interior Sdn Bhd.
Album: Project RB / Metropark
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1200 - 1800 sqft Condo / Apartment Walk-in-wardrobe Living Dining Room Kitchen Bedroom Entrance / Foyer Raw Luxury Urban Chic Contemporary Carpentry Flooring Wetworks 3D Design Plaster Ceiling Wallpaper Painting Kitchen Cabinet Furniture Curtain Lighting Electrical Wardrobe TV Cabinet / Console Wall Decor Sofa Glasswork Artwork