Bee Yen

Perfect Match Catering catered for my wedding-at-home and couldn't have asked for a better service. The food decoration and table set up was beautiful. Food was absolutely delicious. My guests kept commenting on how good the food was. Price is very reasonable for the service and food they provide. Overall I'm very satisfied with Perfect Match Catering :)

Shen Wen replied almost 5 years ago

Hi Bee Yen, I am also looking to have Perfect Match Catering to cater my wedding. Do you and your guests have any particular food that you like from their menu? I would really appreciate your help.


I asked for Perfect Match Catering Services during my birthday party on September. They serve very delicious food especially the rosemary chicken, my friends keep saying the chicken is really good! Table deco are well decorated, very beautiful. Food is perfect, drinks is perfect, service is perfect! I would definitely ask for their catering service in the future! :)

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