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We are an architecture + design practice based in Kuala Lumpur, founded in 2013. We design and innovate to create strong sense of identity for each building & space to accommodate different cultures of living. We enjoy the 'making' of buildings & spaces. We are hands-on in exploring materials and working hand-in-hand with local craftsmen. We promote creative collaboration and learning.

"If you are looking for innovative and fun design, creative use of materials and designer with great attention to detail, I am recommending Think Cloud Design Lab.

Both my apartment and office were designed by Think Cloud and constructed by selected contractors through open tender exercises. Think Cloud worked as designer as well as project administrator for me.

Because of the 'unusual' materials we used - raw cement floor, bare plywood finishes and plenty of custom made furniture - Think Cloud put in extra efforts to source for the right skilled contractor and extra time to supervise the building process, to achieve the desired standard of work.

I am particularly impressed by their dedication to turning their design idea into real objects, which in many cases, required great effort and patience in convincing, communicating and collaborating with the 'conventional' contractors." —soon sheng

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