by Chin 3 months

"Is very friendly and compliance "

by connie 3 months

"wait for another 1-3 months to confirm whether leaking has been rectified"

by Toh 4 months

"Come on time and fixed my aircon issue. They cover the workplace to make sure didn't get dirt. Overall is good."

by Au Yong Wai 6 months

"Service/clean aircon unit.
Great work from them.
Very professional. A+"

by J 8 months

"No one call me"

Upyourhome replied 8 months ago

"Hi Jufri, I am so sorry for the encounter. I am not aware of the acceptance of the job as it could have been press by my young daughter. But anyway, glad that you have notify us on this matter. See ya later.. to get your problem sorted out. Thanks :)"

by Noor Azlen 10 months

"Convenient and legit. The service guy was polite and professional."

by Farah 10 months

"Good service "

by janet31e648 10 months

"Chemical service and replaced a capacitor. Service is fast and good."

by Azliazmin 10 months

"Overall is satisfactory. However, on cleaning up the work area need to be improved."

by renaroshdi 10 months

"Good service provided. Fast response, turned up on time and did the job well."

by Alex 11 months

"Gas filling can be cheaper. "

by Ivan 11 months

"On time and good service."

by [email protected] 11 months

"trusted quality service."

by faridhaniff8d12 11 months

"They were very tentative and flexible. The service was swift and a job well done as I had two unit for chemical cleaning in which they did, fully equipped. Im happy with the session and would recommend, as even the after service query was addressed promptly."

by Rahida 11 months

"Reliable, good service and fast respond and feedback of any inquiries."

by Jimmy 11 months

"They did not clean my aircond compressor"

by Jimmy 11 months

"They did not clean my aircond compressor"

by Faezal 12 months

"Good Service"

by Simon 12 months

"Solved the problem "

by rachel11111cf 12 months

"Good service "

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