by faridhaniff8d12 1 day

"Timely, presentable and swift service. I am happy with their work and do recommend."

[email protected] replied 1 day ago

"Thanks so much for your support as it counts a lot for us as well as it will encourage us to maintain our standard up. "

by gansuetee 2 days

"It’s not late on the actual day of appointment. The after service is pretty good. They are willing to come in Sunday to further check the leaking issue. "

[email protected] replied 2 days ago

"Thanks you your appreciation. "

by Annilyn 3 days

"Good services"

[email protected] replied 3 days ago

" Thanks for your appreciation as it encourages us to keep our standard up. "

by hairi 6 days

"not really recomended.as they dont want to fill the aircond gas.i will find another service people next service"

[email protected] replied 6 days ago

"This is not fair. My technician clearly invited you to have a look on the meter just to show that the gas level is full. You saw the meter and you said its OK. Now after all this how can you claim that the technician didn't want to top up gas. Please stand on truth. "

by Syamrin 11 days

"Professional, focus, and complete work within time "

[email protected] replied 6 days ago

"Thank you so much. "

by Liwina 11 days

"Technician stepped onto my bed with his socks. Could have used ladder to reach the air con. Need to improve on cleanliness and professionalism "

Ent[email protected] replied 6 days ago

"Thanks for your feedback as it will help us to improve the standard of service. "

by Sek Hao 13 days

"Good and honest service. Punctual and job done cleanly and professionally. Will contact them again for the next servicing.

SH Lee"

[email protected] replied 6 days ago

"So nice of you sir. "

by michaellim2228c 14 days

"Very professional and quick. But a bit pricey, more than quoted price on recommend.my "

[email protected] replied 6 days ago

"Thanks for your support "

by sue 14 days

"Messy after work service
Late arrival ...booked at 11...arrived at 2:30"

by CL 15 days

"Among other not pleasant to share..... i Dont understand why one of the aircon not serviced by them spoiled after their visit.... too coincidence..."

[email protected] replied 6 days ago

"Well.. We can't say anything about this issue as you already have said that our technicians didn't service that Aircon. So I would like to offer you a revisit from our side for your satisfaction. "

by Nurul Syahirah 20 days

"Easy to communicate on the problem but slightly expensive for just a checking-up session. Overall it's good."

[email protected] replied 6 days ago

"So nice of you. "

by Siddhi 20 days

"Nice service. Quick and on time. The contractors were humble and polite.
Good experience"

[email protected] replied 6 days ago

"Thanks for your support. "

by Melissa 22 days

"Efficient and friendly "

[email protected] replied 6 days ago

"You appreciation counts a lot for us. Thanks for your support "

by Thiru 25 days

"They were on spot"

by Iklil 26 days

"Good service"

by Mai 28 days


by Meredith 29 days

"Good service "

[email protected] replied 29 days ago

"Thanks for your support. "

by Ahmad Zainy about 1 month

"Good workship.. Recommended in spite of a tiny misunderstanding.."

[email protected] replied about 1 month ago

"Thank you so much for your support. We have taken some measures to avoid that type of tiny misshapens. "

by fitri about 1 month

"Because good job"

by Adi Irfan about 1 month

"Fast response and update."

[email protected] replied about 1 month ago

"Thank you so much for your support. "

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