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Your one stop solution for home renovation works (Interior & Exterior)

Specialised in Extension, Renovation, Marble, Italy Tiles, Piping, Cement Works, Awning, Iron Grill, Parquet Floor, Glass Windows, Door, Kitchen Cabinets, Aircond, Electrical Works & Wiring, Etc.

Coverage Areas: KL & Selangor


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4.8 (based on 8 reviews)


Ong01 February 2022, 00:25

I thank God I chose WCM as my contractor for renovation. Mr Wong is a righteous man, a man who honours his words, tries his best to keep to the quoted budget, even if that requires him to lose some profit. He is not calculative, and "mudah bawa berbincang". His pricing was reasonable too. Anytime I have a question or concern, I could text him, and he would respond almost immediately. I told myself not to text him after 7pm and on Sundays. He needs an "after office quiet time", I told him.

There are contractors who would charge extra, and delay the project when the homeowner wants to make changes, but not Mr Wong. No contractor would be happy when the homeowners need to make changes to their plans, but Mr Wong took the trouble to discuss with us, to achieve a practical, good solution together. He didn't charge or delay the project for the changes we made. Initially he estimated to finish our renovation in 2 months, and indeed, we moved in after 2 months+.

His Myanmar workers are one of the most hardworking, responsible and admirable workers I have met. They cleaned my water tank without informing me and not charging me at all. They were very accommodating to our requests, like the exact position of the lights, fans etc. They even helped to install the kitchen hoods, basins, sinks, toilet accessories, all the lights and fans, door bell etc, which were not in their scope of work. They're so helpful! They paid attention to every tiny detail works like painting, piping and electrical wirings etc, to deliver an almost perfect job to my family.

His tiling subcontractors are pros, and I'm very satisfied with the tiling jobs done in my kitchen and toilets. The tiling works are beautiful.

The kitchen cabinets are superb in terms of functionality, quality and aesthetically. My kitchen cabinets made my house look so modern, minimalist and beautiful. I am very pleased with my kitchen cabinets.

Their frosted top-hung windows are beautiful - it gave a sense of warmth to my house.

Mr Wong and his workers are fast in response and to attend to any followups and defects work, and it's FOC!

In a nutshell, I would recommend Mr Wong and his workers. They are responsible, passionate construction experts who care for the homeowner's house. They would do their best and even go the extra mile to ensure the home is beautiful and comfortable for the homeowners.

Reasonable Price Excellent Service Fast And Efficient Helpful and Friendly Responsive

Ika17 April 2021, 17:23

Pada permulaannya, saya mendapat nombor telefon Mr. Wong (WCM One Stop Construction) daripada laman web recommend.my selepas saya memohon servis kontraktor Pro bagi tujuan untuk mengubahsuai rumah (kerja-kerja elektrik, memasang awning, mengecat dinding dan pintu, memasang barang elektrik, memasang tiles, memasang cornice) pada 17.1.2021. Mr. Wong bukan satu-satunya kontraktor yang menghubungi saya terdapat 4 kontraktor lain yang juga menghubungi saya.

Walau bagaimanapun, saya masih memilih Mr Wong disebabkan perkara-perkara berikut:
i. Cepat bertindak
- Mr. Wong kemudiannya menghubungi saya pada hari yang sama saya memohon servis di laman web recommend.my dan kami aturkan lawatan tapak di rumah saya pada 23.1.2021 untuk mendapatkan quotation Mr. Wong bagi pengubahsuaian rumah. Quotation diberikan dalam tempoh 3 hari selepas lawatan tapak.

ii. Quotation yang berpatutan
- Walaupun dengan keadaan sekarang, harga barang mahal, Mr Wong masih memberikan harga yang berpatutan berbanding kontraktor-kontraktor lain.

iii. Professional
- Mr Wong sangat professional dalam menjalankan kerja-kerja mengubahsuai, semasa di peringkat lawatan tapak lagi Mr Wong memberi khidmat nasihat berkenaan kerja-kerja mengubahsuai yang sesuai dilakukan di rumah saya.

iv. Mudah dibawa berbincang
- Dalam proses mengubahsuai rumah saya, terdapat perubahan kerja/kerja-kerja tambahan yang perlu dilakukan dan ianya tiada masalah bagi Mr. Wong.

v. Pekerja-pekerja Mr. Wong yang cekap
- Pekerja-pekerja Mr. Wong sangat cekap dalam menjalankan kerja-kerja mengubahsuai dan mendengar arahan dengan baik.

Mr Wong memulakan kerja-kerja mengubahsuai di rumah saya pada 16.3.2021. Alhamdulillah, walaupun dengan kekangan management office rumah saya dan wabak penyakit Covid-19, kerja-kerja mengubahsuai oleh WCM One Stop Construction di rumah saya (teres 2 tingkat) telah selesai pada 15.4.2021 dan secara keseluruhannya, saya amat berpuas hati dengan hasil kerja yang dilakukan. Terima kasih.


KC10 January 2021, 00:32

Around Sept 2019, I met Mr Wong from WCM One Stop Construction Works & requested quote for my condo and in early Jan 2020 I decided to engage him because among all contractors quotes,his price seems to be reasonable & I saw his quality of work posted on FB seems to be nice.

He is very kind and match all the prices he quoted me in Sept 2019, although he told me that many raw materials have actually increased price & it’s near to Chinese New Year.

Due to this co-vid19, which caused my renovation has delayed but I’m glad that Mr Wong is still in contact & tried his very best to finish up my condo’s renovation.

To me, Mr Wong is very knowledgeable at what he is doing & he won’t simply ask you to do things which is not needed.
He is not calculative at all as he helped me to install my bathroom accessories, spray paint my fan which I need to cover up the shinny part, install kitchen sink without any extra cost & etc.

He is also very helpful as he helped me to buy my kitchen tiles, painting material, plugs etc.
He is very prompt in replying message, unless he is on to something he will let you know he is busy & will reply you later. Regardless whenever you message him, he will reply you very promptly.

Although my renovation has completed, he still remember & get in touch with me for the paint code that he promised to get back to me.

Overall, I’m very happy on the renovation that he has done for me as it meets my expectation.


Rui14 July 2019, 16:11

Requested a few contractors for quotation to renovate my house ie. tile works, wet kitchen extension, kitchen cabinets, TV cabinet, plaster ceiling, stairs cabinet + store room and master room cabinet. WCM quoted a reasonable price compared to others and also provide all the services that I need (one stop solution). He patiently answer all my questions even before I accepted his service and responded promptly and also follow up compared to other quotations.

Overall, job well done especially the kitchen area. He also helped a lot on the other small task like installing all my water heaters, washing machine, TV, lightings and fans without extra charges.

Job got a bit delayed due to some unforeseen circumstances but he later helped to prioritise it.

Another good point is they actually keep my house neat and clean during and after the renovation works. Proper covers were placed on my floors to prevent scratches and foot prints. They even clean the place and throw all the unwanted boxes for me after their renovation work.

Satisfied customer.


Tess08 July 2019, 09:32

Overall I am satisfied with the quality of service I am receiving from WCM OneStop Construction Works. Prompt response, good quality of workmanship with reasonable price and not calculative when asked to help with some small tasks.


MAX18 February 2019, 10:37

Reliable & experienced with answer my questions, always give me a better solution & option to solve my problem. The job a little bit delay but overall job completed done nicely.


firhan12 November 2018, 15:48

The team completed our kitchen cabinet nicely.


Chloe28 May 2018, 12:26

Mr Wong is highly experienced in his field. He provides good consultation and can immediately give good solution and suggestion for any renovation matter. His price is reasonable too.

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