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"Service is on time but the quality of work for POST renovation cleaning is not up to expectation. No proper cleaning materials use to remove paint, cement and dark spots stain. After the cleaning is finish, the place still feel quite dusty from the renovation works. Can see very clear cement dusts still exist in my bathroom and windows especially the wet kitchen area. Expected more from this as it is a POST renovation cleaning and with the price paid, I can actually hire normal cleaners to clean for more than one time." —Rui

"They did a thorough cleaning but not very honest with their price" —Felicia

"I have lived in the condo for 12 years and never had issues with 2 cleaners not finishing, sweep, mop, dust, bathroom cleaning within the 2 hours but this time we had quite a bit of problem. However, the girls are great with the quality of cleaning and attitude! " —senayoakley536a

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