This contemporary study room designed by YOU Design, showcases a Modern Homie theme for the Setia Eco Templer Peranakan project in Rawang. The 2477sqft Semi D space is illuminated by natural light accentuating the room's clean lines and soft color palette. A built-in white curved desk, complementary teal chair, personalized decor, and a playful white floor cushion create a welcoming and stylish interior perfect for productivity and creativity.
Album: Setia Eco Templer Peranakan @ Rawang
Stack of money Estimated price : RM250000.0
Completed 1800 - 2400 sqft Semi-D / Bungalow Bathroom Meeting Room Library Office Sitting Room Walk-in-wardrobe Living Dining Room Kitchen Bedroom Kids Bedroom Entrance / Foyer Study Living Room Display Shelf Cabinet Pantry Bilik Tidur Small Kitchen Laundry Room Storage Space Modern Carpentry Wetworks 3D Design Plaster Ceiling Wallpaper Painting Kitchen Cabinet Curtain Lighting Electrical Ceiling Wardrobe TV Cabinet / Console Wall Decor Glasswork Kitchen Island White Beige Blue Grey Gold