This elegant bedroom by Young Concept Design Sdn Bhd reflects the modern theme of the Semi-D House in Bayu Damansara. Showcasing harmony and comfort, the room features a cozy bed with patterned bedding and colorful throw pillows, flanked by chic nightstands. The warmth of the wood flooring complements the dark, sleek built-in wardrobe, while the plush, burgundy massage chair adds a touch of luxury. Sheer curtains allow soft natural light to enhance the room's serene palette, accented by stylish Union Jack pillows that bring a personal touch to the space.
Album: Semi-D House in Bayu Damansara
Location grey Kota Damansara
Completed Above 2400 sqft Semi-D / Bungalow Bar Bathroom Garden Kitchen Dining Room Bedroom Kids Bedroom Living Walk-in-wardrobe Hallway Cabinet Living Room Staircase Modern