Contemporary dining area by Your Planners(M)Sdn Bhd, featuring a modern wooden theme from "The Inspiration - 02 - 3D Visual" portfolio. Showcasing a bespoke interior at O2 Residence, Puchong South, this condo space blends dark blue walls with warm lighting, organic-shaped fixtures, and artwork, reflecting an unconceived design concept within 1xxx++ Sqft. Envision Your Planners' creativity turning dreams into reality. For design inquiries: [email protected] | IG: @yourplanners.official #YourPlanners #TurnThoseDreamIntoReality
Album: The inspiration - 02 - 3d visual
Location grey O2 Residence
Stack of money Estimated price : RM18000.0
3D Concept Ideas Inspirations 800 - 1200 sqft Condo / Apartment Living Dining Room Kitchen Wooden Modern Contemporary Carpentry Wetworks 3D Design