Elegant European flair fills this 3D visual of a classic-styled living room by Your Planners(M)Sdn Bhd, featuring soft neutrals and sophisticated furniture. Within the 3700 sqft endlot in Puncak Alam's Graham Gardens, the space harmoniously blends a grey plush sofa, delicate white cabinetry, and a well-appointed dining set under chic pendant lighting. Golden accents and lush greenery add a luxe touch, reflecting the company's ability to turn dreams into reality. #ClassicInteriorDesign #YourPlanners #EcoWorld #PuncakAlam #HomeDecorInspiration
Album: Graham garden - 04 - 3d visual
Location grey Setia Eco Grandeur , Eco World , Puncak Alam
Stack of money Estimated price : RM45000.0
3D Concept Above 2400 sqft Terrace House Bedroom Living Room Kitchen Dining Room European Classic Carpentry 3D Design Furniture Kitchen Cabinet Wardrobe TV Cabinet / Console Living Plaster Ceiling Wetworks Flooring Painting Curtain Lighting Electrical Wallpaper Ceiling White Beige Blue