This inviting stairway in Bandar Puchong, Malaysia, showcases Your Planners(M)Sdn Bhd's skill in creating a refined loft-style aesthetic. The space is part of the Sierra 16 - 06 project, featuring industrial textures and a contemporary vibe. The warm wooden steps contrast beautifully against the cool grey cement walls, providing depth and character. Accents like the minimalist clock blend seamlessly, enhancing the property's spacious and artistic qualities. #YourPlanners #LoftStyleInterior #IndustrialDesign #ModernHomeDecor #BandarPuchongInteriors
Album: Sierra 16 - 06 - project done
Location grey Sierra 16 , Bandar Puchong
Stack of money Estimated price : RM98000.0
Completed Above 2400 sqft Semi-D / Bungalow Bathroom Gym Room Library Meeting Room Walk-in-wardrobe Living Dining Room Kitchen Bedroom Kids Bedroom Study Living Room Display Shelf Lounge Pantry Small Kitchen Laundry Room Storage Space Carpentry 3D Design Black Blue Grey Neutral