This charming interior captures the essence of Your Planners(M)Sdn Bhd's European style, featuring a classic storefront at Mal's Wholesome Happiness in Sri Damansara. The delightful pastel blue and beige color scheme are accented by intricate floral arrangements and patterned floor tiles, enhancing the café's inviting classic charm. The arched, Roman-style windows and elegant light fixture complement the European design theme perfectly, making it an ideal setting for a cozy afternoon tea. #YourPlanners #ClassicEuropeanDesign #InteriorDesignMalaysia #CommercialDesign #SriDamansara #MalsWholesomeHappiness #ClassicElegance #DesignInspiration #ArchedWindows #FloralDecor #PastelInteriors #CafeDesign
Album: Mal's - 07 - project done
Location grey Bandar Sri Damansara
Stack of money Estimated price : RM70000.0
Completed Above 2400 sqft Cafe Restaurant Bathroom Bar Cafe Restaurant Kitchen Kids Bedroom Entrance / Foyer Hallway Staircase Cabinet Pantry Reception Storage Space Classic European Carpentry 3D Design Beige White Green Neutral Grey