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We provide Chemical Service & Major Chemical Service for All type of Air-Conds
We provide Maintenance & Repairing, Troubleshooting
We Provide All type of New Air-Conds with Installation
We Provide only Installation Service
We Provide Dismantle Service & Dismantle & Install Service

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So professional I love their work


You are representing Pakistani guys who attempted to scam me, I need a refund, will contact you directly.

Zaza Aircon replied over 2 years ago

When we sent 2nd time our technician to check your aircon, he already told you showed to you your aircon drainage tray condition & you admitted & asked them to leave. There is no scamming, somehow you threatened our technician & later you were asking to change the new indoor for free. All the related prooves have been forwarded to the recommend representative. Further' we requested you to send us the photos of the dirt through your new technician as you mentioned. But you are failed to provide any proof because there's nothing faulty, except your aircon is completely rusty & about 20-25 years old model. We gave favour to check & explain to you, he serviced upon your consent not by force, if you didn't agree then didn't need to ask him for service. Plz, note that your 1-month service warranty has already been voided due to involve another vendor in our absence. If anything you paid additional to your new technician, we are not responsible for this. You should call us there before you are going to call another vendor to open or check your aircon.


Clean and refill gas. They were fast in replying my messages. There's a 1 month guarantee from the date of service if anything crops up. Good job guys!


Good service


Really nice service!

izyan syakirah

Though i was not informed the first time they came, we managed to change the date and they came punctual on time and gave a very good service.


I am very happy with the service. I want to pay thru Recommend but they cannot accept.


Professional, affordable and punctual 👍🏻


I paid 120rm, 80rm for diagnosing the leak, 40rm for the tape they did on the drain pipe, after 1 day it leaked again they dont know what they are doing and only doing a quick fix without quality of work they even did not clean up after they finish. Worst aircon service ever that we had.

Zaza Aircon replied over 2 years ago

Dear Customer' you paid rm 120 for water leakage but our technician requested you to relocate the aircond that's you weren't agree to avoid total cost of rm 150. After 2 weeks you telling us they didn't clean up anything, as you talk before with our representative so you didn't complain anything like they messed up all but haven't clean. Yesterday we tried to contact you but the call & messages weren't responded from you. This morning you talked to our another representative still you haven't mention anything about cleanliness. We have a proper department which keep followup with the staff on any complaint, you should tell us timely to take necessary measures in order to maintain our service quality. We don't compromise with any staff upon the company service quality.

Stephen replied over 2 years ago

They are completely lying, first of all nobody from your team inform me of the cost of relocation they just told me that if it leaks again then it needs relocation, they should have done it in the first place since the issue was leakage, i did not avoid the cost, they only told me after the repair that it is 120rm there was no discussion of the cost until they fixed it. And how can i tell you are lying pls get your facts straight, it is not 2 weeks, you made your service on July 6, i have informed thru whats app and called about the leak, i was the one who cannot reach you, after i called and sent the pictures i was referred to the manager Aadi, i called him and i cannot reach him do you know how i reach you guys? I asked my wife who you dont know the number and he answered the phone. In terms of the dirtiness i can show the picture and video on how it looks like, the marks on the wall that you guys left behind. They never told me that the cost of relocation is 150rm i did not say that i dont want it the technician was the one who said that it was fixed and if it leaked again then relocation must be done. And now are you telling me the 150 rm is on top of the 120rm that we paid and the leak was not fixed? Is this a scam? I have all evidences of chats and calls that i made and i have my wife to screenshot her call as well that has been answered while mine is being igbored!


Good job..

Zaza Aircon replied over 2 years ago

Thank you so much :)


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