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Crumbs & Cream is a bespoke cake business specializes in theme cakes. Everything is hand-made and scratch baked using good quality ingredients. We are truly passionate about cake and create exclusi...

Gorgeous fondant handiwork, and my chocolate fudge cake was to die for. Not too sweet and one could definitely taste the Quality. - Deborah, 22 Nov 2015
Lovely deco n high standard designs of cakes!! A must try really! Fondant is not the normal sweet fondant they're really nice k...- Liz, 26 Oct 2015

At Miki's CakeVille, LESS SWEET is our motto! We ensure our desserts especially cakes are less sweet but yet delicious and moist. Miki's CakeVille is a purely home based baker with passion, thu...

The cakes are not as sweet as most commercial cakes... Miki's cakes are perfectly sweet... Very suitable for a non sweet toothe...- Leonard, 11 Nov 2015
Love the cupcakes. .best ever!- Eunice , 11 Nov 2015

Nan's cookies and cakes specialize in Sugar cookies, pies and cakes for all of occasions. Please contact us 2weeks before your event to avoid dissappointment. Leave us an email or txt message t...

The baker bakes extraordinary cookies,cakes with excellent services. You will never regret getting her service to cater your n...- Sya-Hanim, 20 Nov 2015

Pandalicious specialize in making customized cakes for parties, birthdays and wedding cakes. We can do desserts catering for small parties, in which you can provide us with your selection of desser...

Everything is very good, I am satisfied with the cake. - chua1781876, 28 Mar 2018, Selangor
What amazing service! Cake looked exactly how I asked it. She went the extra mile to make sure I had what I asked for. Very qui...- mary55, 14 May 2017

It all began in family kitchen, with a cheap hand mixer, small little oven, a sweet tooth, and a dream back in year 2006. OvenHeaven provides a truly custom cake experience. Offering a large var...

service and cake is good, just feel a bit expensive- sofietalha, 8 May 2017, Selangor
personalised friendly service- Shuey Lim Li, 14 Mar 2016

We provide customized cake & cupcakes for all occasions! :) From special dates to a festive occasion, we'll be able to accommodate to your requests! Cookies are also available for bulk orders! ...

There is 99% matches of my request. Their services is good and courtesy. Delivery on time. - Alice, 4 Apr 2016

We were taught by great chefs that pastry is never just a pastry, & cake is never just a cake. it requires much effort, time and a slight bit of talent to create. With the knowledge & skills we ...

the young chefs are very passionate bout their business and always wanted to deliver the best! that's make me thinks that they ...- Jake Lim Jing, 3 Apr 2016

Specialize in:- - Malay Kueh - Cookies - Cakes / Customized Cake / Fondant Cake - Pastries - Malay Food -Drinks and Beverages

I requested for catering services. The owner was polite and professional. He came on time on the day of the event. Picked and ...- Azzura, 3 Oct 2017
An iphone design with TSUM TSUM , it's nice and the cake is good and not sweet. most of the cakes I booked before, the cake ins...- charmaine14, 28 Jun 2017

Hi all, Cake around the Corner is run by two homebaker cum caterer who started with the love for playing in the kitchen. We bake and cook everything good and healthylicious with good quality ingred...

Everything is very good, I feel very happy with the service, the cake is beautiful and good-looking, they even provided the fre...- jaclyn9bfc5, 29 Mar 2018, Selangor
Overall is good, I am very happy with their job !!- Eva, 7 Feb 2017

A Small cozy place to relax and enjoy home style cooking & a good cup of your favourite coffee or tea with friends ,family & your pets!! Please feel free to contact us to discuss your Events / C...

They were top notch with their quality of service. Special Shout out for Ms. June, who went all the way to customise the order ...- KAUSHIK, 28 Jun 2019
We organized our baby's 100th Day Celebration at Ten28ight Boutique Cafe. Delicious food and cakes, impeccable service, awesome...- sheryl11c345, 6 Aug 2018, Selangor
Create a delicious centerpiece for your event! Our recommended bakers can make your custom cakes, cupcakes, cream, chocolate, butter, fondant cakes and more. Besides wedding cakes, these artists can also design baby shower cakes, kids cakes and birthday cakes, and can customise to your preference, whether you need gluten-free, eggless, flourless or non-GMO wheat.

Their cakes, pastries and confectionery are the perfect centrepiece for every occasion including weddings, corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries, and even festivals like Chinese New Year, Aidilfitri, Deepavali and Christmas day.

5 reasons your guests will love a custom made cake

Hosting a party soon and planning to order a cake? Here are some legit reasons why you should serve your guests with a custom made cake:

Distinct taste

Cakes that are on display at cafes or bakery shops usually come in standard flavours. With custom made cake, you can have unique flavors such as Pandan Gula Melaka, Lemon Poppy Seed or perhaps Thai Milk Tea for your guests.

Premium ingredients

Custom cake bakers love to work with premium, fresh ingredients for their cakes. Pure french butter, Valrhona chocolates and vanilla beans fresh from the pods are the kind of ingredients that custom cake baker would use for their artisan cakes.

Custom design

The store bought cakes are nicely decorated and designed consistently every single time. It is part of their signature. But with custom made cakes, the baker can turn your wildest imagination into a reality. They can make the cake looks like a glass, like a crystal cave (Geode Cake), or even in 3D Frozen-themed cake.

Healthier options

For those who are health conscious, get the bakers to whip up a gluten free, hi-fibre and low-fat cakes. The baker might use lots of grains, replacing sugar with applesauce and sometimes, not using flour at all, depending on what the customer requested. And people wouldn’t even notice that the cake contains unique ingredients because it still taste as good as any other cake.


Rest assured that the cakes are definitely freshly baked for every single customer. Usually these bakers are home based, so they don’t pre-bake their cakes. They only accept orders based on their daily capacity. So it is important to place an order at least two weeks before.
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