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The 5 most popular curtain designs in Malaysia

Curtains are far is the most common type of treatment and decoration for windows and sliding doors found in Malaysian homes.

If you can’t decide which design works best for your home, here are some of the most popular curtain designs in Malaysia.

Normal pleat

The most common curtain design around the world. The pattern is very simple with header tape sewn at the top part of the curtain. Metal hooks will be used to create the pleat and hang the curtain on the rod.

Tab top

This is the most preferred curtain design for the kitchen and kids bedroom. The tab can be added with buttons or ribbons to look more decorative.

Slot top

This looks best when lots of fabric are being used. Width of the fabric should be double the width of the rod to get full, luscious gathers when hanged.

Eyelet top

uses less amount of fabric compared to the rest in this list. It has heading with modern ring that can fit most, if not all curtain rods and is very easy to hang.

Pencil pleat

is very suitable for those who prefer a more classic look. Unlike the normal pleat curtains, the pleats are readily sewn and hooks are only used to hang the fabric onto the rod.

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