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Efficient and friendly workersMark, 27 Mar 2023, Selangor
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Quick and easy. But RM80 is a bit expensive.MIKE, 21 Mar 2023, Selangor
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Very responsive and able to solve the problem eventhough it was a sudden request (urgent). I will contact / refer this pro agai...Elleyana, 24 Mar 2023, Selangor
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Very helpful to suggest what next action neededabangis, 26 Mar 2023, Selangor
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Quick replies on Whatsapp, appointment made quickly and punctual. Worked fast and identified problem promptly, in and out under...Sue Lin, 22 Jun 2022, Selangor
Good service. Analysed and solved the real problem.Ahmad Hanif, 3 Feb 2023, Kuala Lumpur
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Recommend.my makes it safer and more convenient with verified pros, fast response, upfront costing, and moneyback guarantee.

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Our handymen are able to take on electrical and plumbing works, repairs and installations on doors, windows, grilles, carpentry, tiling, roofing, flooring, and many other things.

From small to big jobs, we have hundreds of handyman contractors who are rated and reviewed by the community. Need your job done quickly? We have highly-rated and reliable handymen in town!

Why DIY these 5 problems when you can hire a handyman and save hours?

Are you always putting off a repair job because you don’t have the time, skill or equipment? Here are some of the things a handyman in Malaysia can do for you in no time at all.

Assemble IKEA furniture

If it only involves assembling a small LENNART drawer, by all means just DIY. But if we are talking about assembling the kitchen cabinets, bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers, hire a pro to do it for you. You’ll save yourself hours of struggling in following the instruction booklet and putting the pieces together.

Paint the gate and grilles

Gates and grilles are exposed to the elements, and if painted incorrectly, can get rusty in a short time. You might think that the grille and gate is a small item to paint, but it can be a time-consuming task. Miss one spot, and you could have a rusty grill in no time.

New bathroom fixtures

As minor as it may seem, installing bathroom fixtures actually requires specialised tools and expertise. Especially if it involves changing the tap or shower heads that would need some sealing work to avoid leakage.

Repair electrical appliances

Without proper guidance, it’s not advisable to repair electrical appliances on your own. Incorrect wiring or fixes may cause sparks or fires that could result in more damage. Many appliances today are also built on printed circuit boards, making a DIY repair almost impossible, unless you have access to spare parts.

Install lights and fans

Moving into a new house would mean that you’ll need to install new lightings and fans at several places. Some developers will pre-install heavy duty hooks to hang ceiling fan while some don’t. And some developer had provided enough lighting points while some don’t. Hiring a handyman or electrician will help you sort out all these matters.
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