This image by LM Studio showcases a work-in-progress scene from 'Condominium in The Potpourri, Ara Damansara,' featuring the installation of a unique, playful ceiling in the spacious 1200 sqft living hall. Capturing the essence of the Scandinavian design theme, the room hints at the minimalist style that maximizes living space within the modern family home. Visible are the high ceilings and natural light that will complement the multifunctional marble bar top and the cleverly partitioned kitchen area.
Album: Condominium in The Potpourri, Ara Damansara
Location grey Petaling Jaya
Completed 800 - 1200 sqft Condo / Apartment Living Room Kitchen Bedroom Kids Bedroom Scandinavian Minimalist Ceiling Painting Carpentry Plaster Ceiling Kitchen Cabinet TV Cabinet / Console Kitchen Island Wall Decor