by Hon 3 days

"Missed out the part I required it to be clean"

by Sabina 3 days

"MAIDAH CLEANING SERCIVE, I paid for 2 hours, male n female. Paid rm108 extra rm30 for them to bring cleaning tools. Total rm138.
Showed up late 20minutes even after change the timing abit later demand by the service person, coz the same worker is cleaning another house. Male n female worker is not peofessional at all. Paid rm30 to be bring your own washing tools, the moop was dirty, the girl use the same dirty mope to mope the whole house until my mother notice it. The male worker wiping one window with dry dirty cloths,n never wash. Its like i hired a bunch of kids just laying hands lazily cleaning the house. Kicthen n 2 toilet washed, god knows how she washed it. Male vacuumed. Most of the boxes n moving things around and sweaping the floor, my mother n my sister did. Walls are not sweap, all windows are not wipe. And the workers not even a malaysian or a professional cleaner. It looks like they just randomnly took this 2 people from the street. 2 hours is wasted. Not recommend at all."

by YEN ERN 5 days

"Overall is ok"

by Adeline 6 days

"Friendly cleaner, Focus on their cleaning, No hanky panky while cleaning. Good "

by Ratha Krishnan 10 days

"The cleaning service was good.
We booked on short noticed but they still made it."

by Siew Jun 10 days

"Efficient and excellent service!!"

by Abhishek 13 days

"Have attention to details and did a very good job at cleaning. Very good service"

by Shana 14 days

"They are professional and polite.
Their work is clean and highly interested in details. Will definitely use their service again. Thank you so much for fulfilling my request to clean up my car porch, sweep the fall leaves and clear up mouse feces. Appreciate. 🙏"

by Diana 26 days

"Very clean job!"

by Emmeline 26 days

"Overall is good, maybe cleaner not familiar with the place so spent some time guiding"

by amalena 28 days

"Satisfactory service"

by Gurdev Singh about 1 month

"I was very happy with the service, cleanliness and courteous manner. I will use this service again"

by juliana about 1 month

"i booked on short notice and they were able to accommodate perfectly. They were extremely thorough and my floors are spotless."

by Fahimah about 1 month

"They did a great job"

by ERNIE MALENA about 1 month

"The cleaners did not arrive on time. Instead of 10 am they arrived on 11.30 am. Overall,Im satisfied with their service although some area did not proper clean."

by Melissa about 2 months

"Friendly. Professional. Flexible to take last minute requests. "

by punitha kalaichelvan 3 months

"Yes. Overall satisfied with the job, would recommend it "

by Shern 3 months

"Cleaners were very agreeable to taking directions. They also understood the level of cleanliness I expected just by following my instructions and they put in the effort to deliver on my expectations. (The cleaning was supervised by me) "

by Sook Wei 4 months

"Pn zubaidah requested to change the appt from 11am to 4pm, which I agreed but thereafter, she texted to say the staff will be late and only arrive at 4.30pm. At 4.45pm, I called twice and no one picked up. I think I have gave them sufficient time in advance before I wrote this review. Very disappointed. "

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