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Good and professional


Great and Fast service. Very clean.


The cleaning was done perfectly. Glad to have Anita doing the bi weekly cleaning. I only showed once what need to be done, and the next time she came, she already knew what need to be done without i need to instruct. Very excellent work attitude, clean thoroughly and fast.


Responses were prompt - appreciate the vendor taking my last minute request. Requested for a 3-hr cleaning, 2 cleaners (vendor’s supplies) and gave quite specific details ie to vacuum and wipe down every surfaces because we had a minor reno work done in the unit recently. Had to spend another 2 hours wiping down open shelves, range hood, photo frames, leather sofa, coffee table, vacuuming the hidden corners and under the floor mats. It was quite a lot of additional work. Not sure if it’s the diligence of the cleaners or the cleanliness of the supplies that resulted in this.

Don’t mean this as an attack - just feedback for the vendor and to share a balanced review so prospective customers are aware.

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Hi Kenneth, thank you for your kind feedback, this will help to improve much better and take this as positive, we received numerous wonderful reviews, sometime we have to received this kind feedback can help us to balance us. Once again thank you for your feedback. Also gentle reminder, future please just check first all the work before the cleaners leave, at least all this can be solve easily. Most our customer will do that.

Vui Tek

Repeated order and as usual excellent cleaning service

Vui Tek

Excellent cleaning service. The cleaner knows exactly what and how to clean.

Medium 4fec9b69 c735 4362 bded 4ec7b57e70b8 Zahramas Home Improvement 31 August 2021, 21:19

Thank you for your kind review!

Vui Tek

Excellent cleaner and know exactly what to do

Vui Tek

Very good cleaner and know exactly what and where to clean

Vui Tek

Very responsive pro and flexible in arranging for the cleaning session


Quick respond from the person in charge. Cleaners are punctual 👍 Very clean and tidy. Thanks alot. Will repeat order.

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