Recommend Pay - convenient way to pay for services in Malaysia

Recommend Pay – Invoicing convenience for service professionals

More and more Malaysians are paying for goods and services online because of convenience. If you are not able to collect online payments, you may be missing out this important group of customers.

Making payment simple

Reduce the admin work of issuing paper invoices, handling cheques or waiting for cash on delivery. Once your business is set up for Recommend Pay, all payments will go directly to your bank account.

Recommend Pay - how it works
Recommend Pay – how it works

Reduce the risk of non-paying customers

  • When you ask for a payment using Recommend Pay, we will collect the full payment from the customer up front, on your behalf.
  • Once we receive customer payment, we will transfer 50% of that payment to your bank account (you should receive it within 3 working days).
  • Once the job is complete, we will transfer the remaining balance of the payment to your bank account.
  • This way, you will not run the risk of getting cheated by a non-paying customer.

Get complimentary on-the-job insurance

If you use Recommend Pay, you will also get complimentary on-the-job insurance from Allianz Malaysia for up to RM100,000. This insurance will cover unforeseen cases such as customer food poisoning, accidents, and damages to property and theft.

Protect your business, your employees and your well-being. Read more details of our insurance coverage


Frequently Asked Questions

1) What benefits do I get if I bill my customer using Recommend Pay?

We make it easy for you to get paid. It can be a hassle to set up credit card payment yourself. With Recommend Pay, customers can pay using credit card, cheque or bank transfer.

Less risk of non-paying customers. When you ask for a payment using Recommend Pay, we collect the full payment from the customer up front. We will immediately transfer 50% deposit into your bank account, and keep the remaining balance until the job is complete. This way, you can be sure that the customer is good for the money.

Easier to track payments. All payments using Recommend Pay are recorded and viewable from your pro dashboard.

You get insurance protection. You also get on-the-job insurance from Allianz Malaysia. Coverage includes damages (up to RM 50,000, depending on the size of the job), theft (up to RM 5,000), and public liability (up to RM 100,000). This insurance will cover unforeseen cases such as damages to the work site, theft, fire, or customer food poisoning (if you are in F&B). Read more details of our insurance coverage.


2) I am a pro. For the insurance that you are offering; does it cover customer as well as pro?

Yes, the insurance is extended to you, as long as you use Recommend Pay to request for payment from your customer. Once payment is made, both you and customer get insurance coverage.


3) How do I qualify for Recommend Pay?

Any pro can start asking for payments using Recommend Pay, as long as we have validated your business profile (see below)


4) How do I validate my business profile before I can start billing using Recommend Pay?

When you edit your business profile, there is a “Business Validation Check” section where you need to upload your SSM and scan of your IC / passport. We will check this before we set your business profile to “validated”.


5) How do I ask for payment from my customer?

After you and the customer have agreed on a final price, you need to go to your Recommend Dashboard, view the details for this quote, and click “Request Payment”.

If you are using Recommend Pay for the first time, you will need to add your bank account details first. More details here >


6) When will I get paid?

After we receive the payment from the customer, the first 50% of that payment will be transferred to you. You should receive it in your bank account within 3 working days. The balance 50% is transferred after the work is done, and the customer agrees to release it.

When you have completed the work for the customer, you need to go to your Dashboard, view the details for this quote, and click “Request Balance Payment”.

This will notify the customer to release the remaining 50% of the payment.

The customer will have 2 working days to release the balance payment. We will notify you when that happens.


7) What happens if the customer does not want to release payment?

If the customer does not take any action in 2 working days, we will follow-up with them. If we are unable to get a response from the customer within a reasonable amount of time, we reserve the right to release the balance to you.

However, in the situation where there is a dispute and the customer doesn’t want to release the balance due to quality issues, you must:

  • Review the customer’s reason for dispute in a reasonable manner, and agree to corrective actions which will meet the customer’s expectations within 2 working days. You will be given 2 chances to perform corrective actions
  • If, after the 2 chances the customer’s expectations are still not met, you are required to refund the customer all payment made by the customer for the job. If there are disagreements on what amount should be refunded, the team will help to determine an appropriate refund amount based on communications, documents and photos uploaded through the chat / messaging function

Please do remember to use the chat / messaging function to record all key discussions, agreements and documentation, because we will use that as a primary source of proof when helping to resolve disputes.


8) How much does it cost to use Recommend Pay?

When a Pro is paid via Recommend Pay, we will deduct a marketing/admin fee. This amount will depend on the transaction amount.

Latest fee table:

Amount Transacted (RM) Recommend Pay Marketing/Admin Fee
1 – 199 5%
200 – 499 5%
500 – 1999 5%
2000 – 4999 4%
5000 – 9999 4%
10000 – 19999 3%
20000 – 49999 3%
50000 and above 3%


9) When I get a response from the customer I will get deducted Recommend Credits. Then, if a customer pays using Recommend Pay, I will get charged an admin fee also. Why should I get double charged?

You will not get double charged. When a customer pays using Recommend Pay, we will refund back the credits deducted when you got a response from the customer. So you only get charged once.


10) I need more help

We are happy to answer your questions! Contact [email protected], or call +6017-8123038 for assistance.