Recommend Pay Protects Your Business

More and more Malaysians are paying for goods and services online.

Because customers can pay using their laptop or their phone, it is much more convenient than writing a cheque, or paying through an ATM.

If you are not able to accept online payments, you may be missing out on a big group of customers.


Recommend Pay makes it easy to collect payments online

Recommend Pay is an online payment system by

When you list your business on and set up your bank details, customers can start paying you through Recommend Pay.

All payments will be transferred into your bank account. So you reduce the admin work of issuing paper invoices, handling cheques or waiting for cash on delivery.

Recommend Pay - how it works
Recommend Pay – how it works

Reduce the risk of non-paying customers

When you ask for a payment using Recommend Pay, we will collect the full payment from the customer up front, on your behalf. This way, you will not run the risk of getting cheated by a non-paying customer.

After we receive the payment from the customer, we will transfer the amount to your bank account within 3 working days, minus our admin fee.

The customer may also request us to hold 50% of the payment. In this case, only the first 50% of the payment is transferred to your bank account (minus our admin fee). The balance 50% is transferred after the work is done.


Get complimentary on-the-job insurance

If you use Recommend Pay, you will also get complimentary on-the-job insurance from Allianz Malaysia for up to RM100,000. This insurance will cover theft, accidents, and damages to property and theft.

Protect your business, your employees and your well-being. Read more details of our insurance coverage


Frequently Asked Questions

1) I am a pro. For the insurance that you are offering; does it cover customer as well as pro?

Yes, the insurance is extended to you, as long as you use Recommend Pay to request for payment from your customer. Once payment is made, both you and customer get insurance coverage.

2) How do I qualify for Recommend Pay?

Once you have a validated business listing on, you can start asking for payments using Recommend Pay.

3) How much does it cost to use Recommend Pay?

When a Pro is paid via Recommend Pay, we will deduct a marketing/admin fee. This amount is a small percentage of the transaction amount, and starts from 3%.

4) I need more information

Contact [email protected], or call +6017-8123038 for assistance.

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