Earn points on every recommendation you make

In May, a restaurant in Canada began offering a reward for well-behaved kids. The idea was that, if your kids didn’t disturb other diners, the restaurant would knock 5 dollars of your bill.

So we thought, why not do something similar, and create a “good-recommendation reward” for Recommend.my? So that’s what we did.

Get rewarded for your recommendations

Starting today, you earn points when you add to the Recommend community. These points can be converted into discounts or other deals.

For example:

  • When you write a review for service provider on Recommend.my, you earn points
  • When you recommend a new service provider to Recommend.my, you earn points
  • If someone finds your review helpful, you earn points

Convert your points into offers and prizes

What are these points good for? We’re still working out the exact details, but it will likely be awesome offers and prizes from Recommend.my’s service providers, things like photography, flowers, cakes, gowns, cards, as well as home projects like painting and lighting services.  We’ll soon announce more details on this but start building up your points by contributing to Recommend.my now!

Implementing a points system is good for everyone

4203653196_e6cce0e11e_bIn this digital age, it can be quite overwhelming to search for anything online because of the sheer volume of results that come back. If you want to know where to fix your car, who to fix your leaky pipes, who to photograph your wedding—recommendations from people you trust matter.

By encouraging everyone to contribute more recommendations, we’re helping service providers improve their offerings. Recommendations are also the best way for your friends to find service providers that will delight them, and turn what could be a stressful search into an easy one.

So, the next time you discover a great service provider, let us know about them. We promise it will be worth it!

Want to know the top service providers in your area?
Visit Recommend.my to get reviews of service providers. If you sign up with your Facebook account, you also get to see which ones are recommended by your connected friends! Get your free account now.


Photos: John AM Nueva, David Goehring

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