(formally featured in the Edge Malaysia Edge Malaysia November 8 2014 - Edgy

This week, we are in The Edge Malaysia!

The Edge is Malaysia’s leading business and investment weekly publication, covering regional and global markets, company valuation, stock picks, and personal finance.

They have a pullout section called #edGY, covering stories about startups in Malaysia. Notice the emphasis on the “GY” part in “edGY”? That means “Gen Y”.

As the edGY team describe it, “Young Malaysians are seizing opportunities and making a difference – be it in business, work, arts and their communities.”

Thanks The Edge Malaysia and #edGY for the opportunity to share our little project with Malaysians!

Note: The photo below is a quick snapshot of the print copy. We’ll put up a full scan soon. And if you pop over to, you should see the online version very soon.

[UPDATE: The full story can now be found here] Edge Malaysia November 8 2014 - Edgy

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