6 Things To Look Out For When Choosing a Water Purifier

The water in Malaysia is processed to World Health Organisation (WHO) standards. But, you’re still advised not to drink it directly from the tap. That’s because the water can become contaminated again before it comes out of your tap at home due to cracked or upgrading water pipes, or the water storage tank in your home could contain rust, mud or algae.

So, the way to ensure safe drinking water in your glass or kettle is to purify it right at the tap using a water purifier. 

But, which water purifier is the best for your home? Here are six features that make the Sterra Y™ Tank Tabletop Hot & Cold Water Purifier ideal for your home:

1. It can dispense water at different temperatures

A water purifier should give you cold and hot water whenever you need it. The Sterra Y™ can dispense water at hot (90°C), cold (10°C) or room temperature. So you can enjoy a cup of tea, cold chocolate drink, or make baby formula at just the right temperature, without any rusty taste or chlorine smell. 

Another benefit of having different temperatures is, you save energy from having to put the kettle on. You also save time since you don’t have to wait for hot or cold water to be ready. And with less waiting, you end up drinking more water throughout the day, which is great for health!

2. It’s easy and convenient to use

A home water purifier should be convenient and easy to use, even for kids and the elderly. The Sterra Y™ sits on your kitchen counter, and is low enough that kids can reach it to fill their water bottles. The dispenser allows for mugs, cups, and even taller water bottles to be filled easily. And to prevent accidental scalding, it comes with a safety lock.

3. It has multiple levels of filtration

The traditional way to purity water is to boil it. But this takes time and energy, and is inconvenient. However, the Sterra Y™ uses a 4-stage filtration system so you get nothing but fresh, clean water for drinking, washing or cooking. Each stage of the filtration efficiently removes different types of contaminants:

  • The first filter removes rust sediment, colloid, and suspended solids
  • The next filter traps residual chlorine, colour, odour, and halogenated hydrocarbons in the water
  • The next filter  removes micro-impurities, bacteria, and colloids
  • Finally, the last filter further removes residual chlorine, organic matter and odours, and improves water taste

In fact, this 4-stage method of filtration is even more effective than boiling, since boiling only kills bacteria, but does not remove them. Nor does it remove chlorine or odours.

Sterra Y water purifier malaysia on kitchen counter

4. It connects directly to your water tap

Unlike outdoor water filters that connect to your water main, the Sterra Y™ connects directly to the water supply at your kitchen faucet so you never need to keep it topped up. And by connecting it directly to your taps, there is no risk for the water to become contaminated again.

Installation is a simple task that only takes a few steps. Once connected, the food-grade and rust-proof stainless steel tank holds 3.5L of cold water, and 1.1L of hot water, giving you a good supply that can help you get through the next water disruption in your neighborhood.

5. It offers great value for money

The Sterra Y™ is made from rust-proof, durable, and scratch-resistant materials to give you years of worry-free usage. It also comes with a 1-year warranty built in. The Sterra Y™ is also two to three times more affordable compared to other brands that offer the same features. 

6. It fits in any kitchen

At just 31cm width, the Sterra Y™ offers a very small form factor, and won’t take up too much space on your kitchen counter. It comes in three colours; snow white, space black and cool metallic, all in a glossy modern design that will match any kitchen.

Drink right from the tap without worry

With the Sterra Y™ Tank Tabletop Hot & Cold Water Purifier in your home, you can enjoy fresh drinking water, without boiling, and without worry. Their line of water purifiers also come in tankless models, and floor standing models.

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