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This week, Jes and I had the privilege of telling our story to The Star, a Malaysian daily newspaper. The story appears here.

The article dives into a bit of back story on how Jes got the idea of creating a service directory that is built on recommendations from friends. Think of it as the online equivalent of asking friends and family for contacts. “Do you know someone who can…?”

The problem is, we usually keep these contacts in our mobile phones, labelled as “Ah Ong curtain”. A few months later, we look back at the contact, with no memory of what the guy does, or who recommended him.

With Recommend.my, we hope to solve that problem. One place for all your great recommendations, prioritised according to who you know on Facebook.

At the same time, it’s also a chance for “Ah Ong the curtain guy” to create an attractive web page, complete with their contact information and lots of images to show off his work.

Since the article appeared in the print newspaper and online, we’ve had a huge increase in sign ups, both from visitors and service providers themselves. The amount of interest surprised us too, and we’ve had to increase the website capacity to handle the traffic.

It’s been really inspiring to know that people do need these kinds of websites. And for those wondering when we’ll have a mobile app, the answer is “this year”!

Thanks to The Star for the coverage!

PS: There’s still time to submit your own recommendations and win RM 500 in shopping vouchers. Head over here for details.

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