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Both Winda and Ayu are very diligent staffs and Devan who got in touch with me is very responsive. Would recommend 10/10 for th...Cheryl, 24 Nov 2023, Selangor
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Really friendly guy and willing to go the extra mile and even explain the process. Highly recommended.Jeshua, 27 Apr 2023, Kuala Lumpur
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I am happy with the service Noorin Bahiah, 18 Sep 2021, Selangor
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Overall experience was good, the staff were really good and friendly. Mr Singh was very informative, constantly updating me on ...Mark, 17 Mar 2023, Selangor
The service was very good. The lady really cleaned everything properly. Price was very reasonable for the quality of the servi...Shruthi, 28 Jul 2023, Selangor
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Satisfied 💯 with the services. Rumah bersih & kemas! The price is also reasonable ✅diana, 29 Jul 2023, Melaka
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Recommend.my makes it safer and more convenient with verified pros, fast response, upfront costing, and moneyback guarantee.

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5 things that professional sofa and mattress cleaning can remove that your regular vacuum can't

Upholstered furniture is difficult to clean. Especially those that doesn’t come with removable covers. So, if you have a sofa with permanent fabric or leather covers, or a mattress that needs to be cleaned, consider hiring a professional cleaner to do it for you.

Here are some of the things that they’ll be able to remove that a regular vacuum can’t:

1. Dust mites

On average, a person will spend between six to eight hours on their bed every day. Upholstered furniture like the sofa in the living room will be infested with dust mites that feed on dead skin cells collected in the foam and fabric. Industrial level cleaning regime is required to get rid of these parasites.

2. Urine and blood stains

One must understand that accidents can happen to a menstruating lady and/or potty training toddler. Usually, the accident happens when they are fast asleep and the stains will be cleaned the next day. The overnight stain could not be removed with regular cleaning and brown spots will be visible.

3. Unpleasant smells

Fabric upholstered furniture are very absorbent. Water spills, sweat and water leaking from air-conditioners can make your fabrics become damp. If it is not dried or thoroughly cleaned, it can result in bad odours. Combined with poor ventilation, the smell may get even worse!

4. Bacteria and germs

It is almost impossible to be 100% free from bacteria and germs. Especially when we are living in a household with kids and pets around. But with the right disinfectant methods from professional cleaning, it is possible to reduce (kill) a huge amount of bacteria and germs that are lurking around your home.

5. Wine and curry stain

Food stains on fabric sofas and dining chairs can be a nightmare. No matter how fast you grab the towels and upholstery cleaning foam, turmeric and red wine stains will still be visible. But fret not, a professional cleaner would know what to do and your sofa will look as good as new in no time.

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