Study finds 83% of Malaysians would rather clean their homes than have sex

A recent study finds that 83% of Malaysians between the age of 28 to 45 would rather be cleaning their homes than having sex. 

A survey conducted by Prof. Fan Hee Gai, a celebrated psychologist and his research team from Harvard Trinity Academy found that Malaysians find it “more gratifying and worthwhile” to clean their homes at least once a week as compared to engaging in any sexual activity.

The results were announced on the significant date of 1 April 2022, and is consistent with another study of sexual frequency conducted by Durex, where Malaysia ranked a low 36 out of 41 countries in terms of frequency per year (still higher than Singapore, but Japan was the lowest).

Breaking down the numbers, almost 69% of participants reported themselves as “more satisfied” when sweeping the floor than being in bed with their partners. 22% of them said wiping down the windows seems to do it for them. 5% of the participants even said it’s picking up hair from the drain shower.

From a gender demographic perspective, 95% of female participants stated they would rather sit in a spotless living room, curled up with a good book, than have sex.

The survey also asked if Malaysians would forgo sex for 6 months in exchange for something else, and what would it be. 47% said they would prefer a bigger kitchen, 31% said extra storage space in their homes, 12% said better water pressure. Other miscellaneous responses included “6 months of petrol” and “weekly foot massages”.

These findings are supported by a similar thesis conducted in 2011 by Prof. Kathy Pullenyaleg. Her observation was that “cleaning seems to activate more of the brain’s pleasure centres compared to sexual engagement. Surprisingly, this result occurs even if you hire someone else to clean your home for you.”

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