Ways to incorporate walk-in wardrobes in small bedroom

A walk-in closet is every girl’s dream and looks amazingly luxurious. Even if you have a small bedroom, it is still possible to incorporate a walk-in closet within a limited space.

The most important feature of a walk-in wardrobe is being able to see all your clothes on display, making it easier to pick what you want. A well-designed walk-in wardrobe ensures that everything has its place; from clothes to bags to shoes to accessories.

That’s why, in a small bedroom, an organisation is key. Small walk-in closets only work if you know how to use every inch of space. And depending on your bedroom, you may need to custom-build parts of it to create the space you need. This is particularly important to prevent the space from feeling cramped.

Here are interior designer tricks on how to add a walk-in wardrobe even if you have a small bedroom:

Need Help To Create Your Dream Closet?
A walk-in wardrobe has many designs to choose from and you can customise it to your personal needs. Talk to our trusted cabinet contractors to help you make your walk-in wardrobe come to life in your own home!

1. Use the space above the bed as a divider

Walk-in wardrobes
Source: www.freshdesignpedia.com

A glass divider is a modern trend in every bedroom these days. This glass partition can be divided in between the bed to create a walk-in closet in a small bedroom. It is easily accessible and gives lots of privacy too.

2. Frosted closet

Walk-in wardrobes
Source: www.houzz.com.sg
Walk-in wardrobes
Source: www.houzz.com.sg

This transparent door walk-in closet is modern and stylish with it’s full height on the ceiling. This walk-in closet provides a good amount of storage space for you to keep clothes. It also has a full length mirror built into the cabinets. With the wood interior, it surely gives the room a modern touch.

3. Layout your wardrobe with a full-length mirror on one wall

Walk-in wardrobes
Source: www.misiuneacasa.ro
Walk-in wardrobes
Source: www.renonation.sg

This high ceiling built-in closet makes a good divider in between the bed. You can also have a full-length mirror on the wall to help you get ready. Hence, an enclosed closet with doors help makes your closet space organised and clutter-free.

4. Mirrored wardrobe doors

Walk-in wardrobes
Source: ebom.es

If you prefer a wider walking aisle, but still need the storage space, then this layout is for those who prefer a bigger area for their bed since there is more room.

Plus, the all around LED lights on the mirror looks very classy as well. It gives a glamorous feel to the entire closet area. Inside the closet, you can customise with the amount of hanging racks and drawers you need in order to store your clothes, shoes or bags.

5. Double-depth wardrobe with sliding cabinets

Walk-in wardrobes
Source: unilaggist.com

Another neat trick for hiding your bedroom TV is by fitting it in your closet space. It also doesn’t require much space as TV’s are quite slim these days. This full height closet idea is completely built-in, and you’ll get to customise as much drawers or shelving space you need to accommodate your stuff.

6. Narrow walkway behind the bed

Walk-in wardrobes
Source: www.mamaslittleminions.com

Make the divider high enough that someone in bed is not disturbed by someone walking through the closet just like this above. With the closet being placed behind the bed using a divider, it will help you walk through your closet space with a bit more privacy.

You can also install ceiling lights to make the closet space brighter. This closet design also provides you with a good amount of storage space for your clothes, shoes and handbags.

7. Enclosed corner with sliding door

Walk-in wardrobes
Source: areanacreation.com

This enclosed walk-in closet design with sliding door gives the room a very streamlined look. If you are also looking for a minimal design, then this wooden interior is suitable for you. Not only the minimal look, but it’s also very exclusive.

When the closet area is covered, it helps make the room less cluttered as well as more privacy too.

8. Walk-in closet with built-in platform bed

Walk-in wardrobes
Source: www.homesavv.com

Those who fancy an elevation in their bedroom, try this platform bed attached with built-in walk-in closet. A platform help makes the space between the bed and the closet more clear (which means making it easily accessible) and it doesn’t make the room feel too cramped.

9. All-glass enclosure

Walk-in wardrobes
Source: www.homeanddecor.com.sg
Walk-in wardrobes
Source: dezainn.com

A glass enclosure works well as a divider and a closet. Besides separating the space, a glass partition is a brilliant idea that lets you view your clothes even before you step into your closet. The glass partition also gives a modern look to the room.

Need Help To Create Your Dream Closet?
A walk-in wardrobe has many designs to choose from and you can customise it to your personal needs. Talk to our trusted cabinet contractors to help you make your walk-in wardrobe come to life in your own home!

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