11 Clever Ways to Use the Space Under Your Stairs

If you live in a double-story home, you have the benefit of having more usable floor area. However, with that extra floor area, the space under the stairs can become neglected, and become a dumping ground for golf bags, bicycles or old furniture.

That’s a shame because this space has the potential to become an immensely useful addition to your home. All is not lost, though.

There are many ideas that you can take inspiration from to transform the space under the stairs in your home. You can turn it into a storage area, a bathroom, a study, or even a home for your pets. It’s all about having fun and figuring out what you need,


1. Workstation under stairs


Many would never think to utilise the space under the stairs for anything other than storage. But what about turning it into a cosy workstation? With this space, you can get some work done but still, keep an eye on the kids. With the wood panelling on the wall, it just makes the entire space even more modern and beautiful. You may also decorate it with some plants to give a touch of green to your space. 


2. Bar under stairs


The stairs are usually located right by the living room, so having a bar under the stairs is brilliant as it’s a great way to entertain your guests in your home and make this space fully functional. In this example, the dark wood colour compliments well with the flooring and cabinet colour. A bar at home is also a great way to display drinks and fancy wine glasses. Hence, top it up with stunning bar stools for your guests to sit and relax.


3. Bathroom under stairs


Designing a powder room for guests in a home is a clever way to utilise the space underneath the staircase. This stylish bathroom design is perfect for small spaces like under the stairs as small spaces require simple design to make it look bigger than normal.

Besides this, having a bathroom downstairs is very suitable whenever you have guests or elderly people around the house. However, you will need to work with your designer to plan for the plumbing, as most homes do not extend the plumbing to the stairs.


4. Dry kitchen under the stairs


A dry kitchen area be the stairs is a great way to create a space to prepare drinks and snacks. The black and white cabinet colours in this example keep it clean and contemporary in your home. Add a sink and coffee machine to make it functional enough to start your mornings with your family. At the same time, a dry kitchen adds loads of cabinet storage space for you to keep spare cutlery as well.


5. Reading Nook


To have a reading nook at home is like everyone’s dream to own. It’s a place where you read in private in your own home. To create this reading nook, just install a custom-made bench cabinet for you to store your books, then add cushions above it to create a seating area. Thus, you can also decorate it with fancy pillow cover to make this space look vibrant.


6. Laundry space under stairs


Having your laundry area under the stairs is such a clever idea because it doesn’t require much space at all. There’s only a washer, then build simple shelves and a compact storage cupboard for your convenience to store your laundry supplies. This laundry design is kept simple yet beautiful to have in your home.


7. Library under stairs


If you have a huge book collection but don’t know where to store it, then you might want to utilise the wasted space under your stairs. Install custom-made shelves that fit the space dimensions, add a comfy chair and some reading lights to make this space truly functional.


8. Pantry


Having extra storage in your home is always useful. By utilising the space under your stairs as a fully- stocked pantry, you get a convenient extension to the kitchen, and will never run out of groceries again.


9. Slide out drawers


We love this idea of having built-in drawers under the stairs for additional storage space. This can be used for anything like storing shoes, kids toys or books. The great thing about drawers under the stairs is that it’s very convenient and easy access whenever you need something.


10. Kids Play Area Under Stairs


Every kid would love a hidden corner to play at especially when at home. This lovely idea of having a playhouse under the stairs will keep your kids entertained for a long time. You can even add mini shelves inside the playhouse for kids to store their treasured possessions.


11. Pet House under stairs


If you keep pets in the house, you can turn the space under the stairs into a cosy home for them. Every creature in this earth needs privacy, same goes for dogs who need it too. Under the stairs space is mostly unused so you can use it to create a pet house instead. Hence, make this space cosier by adding rugs, cushions, or their favourite toys.  

How would you use the space under your stairs?

It can be easy to neglect the space under the stairs. But with a bit of creative help, you can convert it into a useful addition to your home. Speak to our renovation contractors or interior designers to discuss your ideas!


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