The best places to install sliding glass doors in your home, according to Malaysian interior designers

Why are sliding doors better than normal doors? When placed in the right spaces of your home, they offer functionality and style to make your home truly unique. These doors can prove to be a smart investment thanks to its many advantageous design and functions.

Sliding doors are known for their signature extra large panes of glass that run from the top to the bottom of each door panel. These doors aid to promote natural light, ensuring your enjoyment of sun-lit interiors throughout the day.

Sliding doors can be installed virtually anywhere within the home. Although you will generally notice sliding doors placed within kitchens and other rooms that eventually lead to the yard or garden, your options are not limited to these standalone factors.

Besides, sliding doors are also recommended to be installed in places where it receives a lot of foot traffic. As the door recedes into a slot, it provides more room for people to move through and smoothens the transition between each room.

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1. Enhance privacy in your dining area

Sliding glass doors are a great way to create a partition between your living room and dining area. These doors are particularly useful when hosting dinner parties with large crowds or closed during more formal settings. These space-saving doors also help to enhance the flow between each room.

Sliding glass doors have the ability to intensify depth into any area where it is installed. Source
Opt for different coloured glass to add a coherent balance with the rest of your interiors. Source


2. Separate areas between your wet and dry kitchen

Wet and dry kitchens are a common concept in Malaysia where one kitchen is separated into two areas. The dry kitchen is usually meant for light cooking or used as a space for food preparation, whereas the wet kitchen is used for heavy cooking that emits grease and smoke. Installing a sliding glass door between your wet and dry areas will help occupants to distinguish between the two areas while acting as a shield to prevent unwanted odours from escaping.

Sliding glass doors are a great solution to separate between two distinguishable areas of your home, such as this wet and dry kitchen. Source


Classy sliding glass doors lined in bold black makes a bold statement for the kitchen. Source


3. Keeping it sleek and stylish in the bathroom

Regardless if you own a small or large bathroom space, your bathroom can probably benefit from the use of sliding glass doors. Whether it’s your teeny-tiny bathroom entry door or the spacious bathroom partition, sliding glass doors give off a real stylish interior element in the bathroom. Besides saving space, these doors can also provide an elegant aesthetic to any room in your house.

Glass sliding doors provide a convenient way to enclose your bathroom. Source


Separate your bathroom space with glass-enclosed sliding doors. Source


4. Jazz up your balcony

Sliding glass doors add a contemporary and decorative touch to encourage a cosy ambience to your interiors. These doors are a great asset to include in your home as they offer unrestricted views of your home’s outdoor spaces or for parents to monitor their children while they play outdoors.

Sliding glass doors with large glass panels to offer great indoor/outdoor flow.
These doors create a bridge between your indoor sanctuary and the great outdoors.
Large glass panels offer panoramic views of your garden or the landscape beyond. Source


5. Create a smooth transition between your bed and living area

Another prominent benefit of installing a sliding glass door is to maximise the space of your interiors. As these sliding doors are typically made out of glass, it has the ability to create an illusion of a bigger space as their transparency can make your interiors look less busy. Additionally, sliding doors are ideal for homes that are in need of that extra few centimetres thanks to the clever way these sliding doors glide open compared to conventional doors that take up extra space by swinging wide open.

Sliding glass doors act as a great partition between your bed and the living room for an added touch of privacy.
Some glass doors can block out sound and even light, perfect when you share a studio bedroom. Source


6. Create a walk-in wardrobe

Blessed with a wide space to build a walk-in wardrobe? How about installing sliding doors to achieve a contemporary styled room? Sliding wardrobe doors utilise a track system that slides horizontally when they “open” and “close.” They offer a great addition to add a modernised feel compared to conventional wardrobe doors while giving your space an airy feel. Choose between mirrored or coloured glass for that sleek finish that complements any large bedroom.

The wardrobe’s sliding glass doors gives the illusion of an enlarged space when left opened.
When closed, the sliding doors create a wall barrier to conceal the interiors of the wardrobe. Source


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