This BU9 condo makeover feels cool in blue and white

This amazing 2,668 square feet condo in 9 Bukit Utama used to look rather dull and empty until the designers from R.Works Interior Design (a partner) stepped in and gave it an incredible makeover.

In the beginning, the house was almost bare and not suitable for the owner and his family to move in. The client was a busy executive and wasn’t familiar with home renovation or interior design to make any progress.

Just a few weeks after he approached the R.Works designers for help, he got this gorgeous, minimally decorated space, hassle-free!

About the property

9 Bukit Utama Condominium is a development project by Bandar Utama Development Sdn Bhd which was completed in 2010. Consisting of 911 units within its 41 storeys, the residence is generous with its facilities, offering a BBQ area, clubhouse, jogging track, gymnasium, playground, and a swimming pool.

This particular unit is built up to 2,668 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 4 baths.

9 Bukit Utama 2,668 sqft floor plan
Floor plan for 9 Bukit Utama unit (2,668 sqft)

Aesthetically minimal

When the owner purchased this sub-sale unit, he had a vision of a practical and minimal interior design that was aesthetically pleasing yet simple.

One of the designers even interviewed the family; asking them about their lifestyle and the things they do.

“I interviewed them on their habits, things they usually use, storage habits, and also what they wish to add. Based on their answers, I created spaces and designs fitting to their needs”

– Alexis, interior designer, R.Works

One of the challenges of designing this unit was matching furniture pieces with the existing built-ins of the house. The R.Works team had to design them accordingly to meet the customer’s standards and also the home’s overall interior.

As a result, the team fashioned this cosy minimal look for the house.


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Final result

The designers took on a modern contemporary design with blue accent tones while fitting the criteria list given by the client.

Living room before interior design
View of the living area before interior designing
Fully interior designed living room in blue and white
Completed living area interior

The living room features an L-shaped grey couch along with a bright blue wing chair and ottoman. The white and blue cushions, and the throw blanket complement this overall colour scheme as well as the surrounding homely aesthetic.

Sheer drapes were added to allow for maximum yet moderated light entry, filling the living area with natural light.

Furniture in the living area
Close-up of furniture pieces in the living room
Living room and TV console area before interior design
The living area and TV console before interior designing
Living room and TV console after interior design
View of the TV console and wall niche

The Scandinavian TV console adds to the ambient minimalist aura and fits perfectly against the clean white walls. The wall niche stretching along the length of the wall makes for a fashionably convenient decorating space, lit by warm accent lighting.

Scandinavian inspired TV console after interior design
All-white TV console in the living room

Facing the TV, a white rack is fixed at the corner to place little ornaments and small potted plants and blends smoothly without overcrowding the room, to add a pleasing touch of elegance.

Living and dry kitchen area before interior design
Living room view from the dining area before interior design
Living and dining area after interior design
Complete interior od dining room

The modern wooden dining table adds to the wood accents around the house, decorated with little plants and a sky blue table runner. The overall look of the dining area is stylishly functional.

Kitchen area before interior designing
View of the kitchen before interior design
Full view of kitchen cabinets
Close up view of refurbished kitchen cabinets

The secret behind this pearly white kitchen cabinet was that the designers maintained the existing design by refurbishing and painting it over with a special coating to give a brand new sheen.

Kitchen area after interior design
Inside the kitchen area

The team designed all the cabinets with melamine, which makes it look rather classy and sleek. The upper cabinets were installed with an open wooden shelf for easy storage.

Empty master bedroom before interior design
Master bedroom before interior design
Master bedroom after interior design
Completed interior of the master bedroom

The master bedroom features the ubiquitous blue accents around the house, with the identical armchair and ottoman pair from the living room and soft grey drapes. The floor maintained its glossy laminate flooring which suits the room’s contemporary concept.

Unfurnished master bedroom and doorway to master bathroom
Master bedroom before interior design facing the master bathroom
Master bedroom after interior design
Fully designed master bedroom with custom designed bedhead wall

The bedhead cum feature wall was custom-made, giving the entire room a subtle statement. Its neutral grey matches the bedside table and blends evenly with the surrounding colour scheme.

View of master bedroom balcony
Master bedroom with a view of the balcony


Master bedroom after interior design
Fully furnished master bedroom styled with heavy drapes 

On the opposite wall, sleek wooden shelves were installed for extra storage space and also for decorative pieces.

Empty second bedroom before interior design
Second bedroom before interior design
Second bedroom after interior design
Fully designed second bedroom

The second bedroom also sticks to a similar theme, with a deep blue faux fur rug and pink curtains. The bed frame also comes with an attached desk to save more floor space.

Empty second bedroom before interior designing
Second before interior design with pre-installed wardrobe
Second bedroom after interior design
Fully furnished second bedroom

The existing glass wardrobe remained in place, and fit in well with the interior of the bedroom. Altogether, the design is simple and elegant.

Happy Family, Happy Home

The owner and his family were very satisfied with the outcome. The home was designed impeccably and sat well within their budget.

Because the owner was always busy with work and tending to their family, they had no time to attend to the household matters. Instead, R. Works handled everything from paperwork to the interior styling of the home.

“We managed everything for them, including submission of drawings and working permit to the management office. Once they moved in, we did the interior designing of the house”

-Alexis, interior designer, R.Works

The client was especially grateful that R.Works could take it off their hands and construct this ideal home from their rough ideas at such an affordable price.

Project Details

Location: 9 Bukit Utama Condominium, Bukit Utama

Property size: 2,668 sq ft

Price: RM63k

Purpose: Interior design makeover

Design: Modern contemporary with blue and purple accent

Works done: Living room furniture, bedroom furniture, dining furniture, refurbishing kitchen cabinets, soft furnishings, wall remodelling

Result: A minimally elegant home, custom-designed and fully furnished

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