How often do you really need to service your aircon?

Aircon cleaning by Malaysia

Aircon manufacturers will say that regular servicing is important to keep your aircon in good condition. But, how often should you actually service your aircon? Let’s find out.

With daily average temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius in Malaysian cities, our aircons get heavy usage throughout the year. This is especially true now that work-from-home and home-based learning arrangements need to happen more often.

The recommended aircon servicing schedule

The suggested frequency for a typical suburban household in Kuala Lumpur weather is shown below:


  • Every 2 to 4 weeks: Clean the air filters
  • Every 4 to 6 months: Regular cleaning
  • Every 8 to 12 months: Chemical cleaning


  • Every 4 to 6 weeks: Clean the air filters
  • Every 6 to 8 months: Regular cleaning
  • Every 12 months: Chemical cleaning


  • Every 3 months: Clean the air filters
  • Every 12 months: Chemical cleaning

The schedule above ensures that both the indoor and outdoor units are properly maintained and inspected regularly.

But, as with any electrical appliance, the right frequency to service your aircon can vary depending on many factors, including:

  • Working temperature: how hard does your aircon need to work to get to your set temperature? For example, a large room with large windows can make it easier for cool air to escape. If you always set your aircon to 20 degrees Celsius, you may need service your aircon more often
  • Environment: Do you live in a dusty environment (e.g. on the ground floor near a highway)? Are there lots of bushes and nature growing around your outdoor units, that may clog it up? Are your outdoor units sheltered from the sun and rain? All these factors will cause more dust build-up in your aircon unit, and require more frequent maintenance
  • Age: The older your aircon unit, the more regular servicing it may need, as the parts and seals begin to wear out

What’s the difference between a regular cleaning and chemical cleaning?

In a regular aircon cleaning, the technician will clean the indoor unit, including blower wheel, air filters, direction vanes, evaporator coil and drain pan. This is done either by wiping it, vacuuming it, or washing it with water.

In an aircon chemical cleaning, the technician will do all the above, but will also dismantle the indoor unit so that the individual parts can be washed with a chemical solution. This is more effective at removing built up grime and smells.

Aircon chemical cleaning for evaporator coil
Above: Evaporator coil being sprayed with chemical solution. Source: Moonshan aircon service

In both cases, the outdoor condenser unit will also be checked and washed, and the coolant pressure is also checked to make sure there are no leaks.

Do I really need to service my aircon so frequently?

Regular maintenance is important for any electrical appliance. Especially if the appliance is responsible for improving the air quality that we breathe.

By doing regular servicing, you will:

Reduce dust and grime buildup. If you have a wall fan or ceiling fan, you will see a black layer of dust collecting on the blades after a while. The same is true for aircon units. However, aircon units may collect more than just dust. Since it works to cool the air, water vapour can also condense on the aircon coils. And when water and dust mix, it can cause a build up of bacteria and grime that is much harder to remove.

dirty evaporator coil aircon malaysia
Above: The evaporator coil of this aircon indoor unit has not been cleaned in a long time. Notice the thick, jelly-like grime near the bottom right section of the fins. Such contamination will require a chemical cleaning. Source. Up Your Home Services

Improve air quality and health. A clean aircon unit means cleaner air and better air filtration, so it will not spread germs all over your room. This is particularly important in offices and restaurants where more people come and go.

Improve cooling. Dust and grime build up will cause your aircon to work harder to cool the air. For example, if you always set your aircon to 24 degrees Celsius, but it no longer feels as cold as it used to, it may be time for a servicing.

Improve efficiency and save energy. If your aircon is working harder to cool the air, it will consume more electricity. A dirty air conditioner will also cause more wear and tear, and cause breakdowns or overheating.

Aircon Chemical Cleaning

What frequency do aircon manufacturers suggest?

The manufacturer websites are a little sparse on details. Daikin Malaysia and Mitsubishi Malaysia say that you should service your aircon once a year, at the absolute minimum. 

On the other hand, Panasonic Malaysia suggests once every 6 months. 

But, all the manufacturers agree that you should clean the filters on your own, once every two weeks. Learn how to clean your aircon filters on your own, without voiding your warranty.

How much does aircon servicing cost?

General aircon servicing in Malaysia for a wall unit can range from RM60 – 100 per unit, depending on the number of units. For cassette aircons, general cleaning can range from RM200 – 250 per unit.

Chemical aircon servicing in Malaysia for a wall unit can range from RM100 – 135 per unit, depending on the number of units. For cassette aircon, chemical cleaning can range from RM320 – 370 per unit.

To save money on aircon servicing, it is advisable to service many units at one go, rather than do them one by one at different times. View latest aircon servicing prices here.

Ready to service your aircon?

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