Aircon Installation Price Calculator

aircon installation using aluminium piping malaysia

Need to install a new aircon unit in your property? Our aircon installation price calculator can provide an estimate for split unit and cassette units. Price estimates are based on latest pricing from our aircon specialists in Klang Valley.

Get your estimate price by filling in the details below. NOTE: The calculator below is for a SINGLE AIRCON UNIT only. To calculate multiple units, please calculate the cost for each unit, and add them up separately.

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What are the factors that influence aircon installation price?

Most important factors include:

  • Aircon horsepower (HP)
    An aircon with higher HP (or BTU) is also larger in size, and heavier in weight. So, it needs more more labour and time to install. It also needs more electrical power, which may require upgrading your electrical wiring. Finally a higher HP aircon needs larger piping and ductwork, adding to the cost
  • Location of installation
    The aircon indoor fan unit needs to be connected to the outdoor compressor unit by piping and wiring. If these two units are far away from each other, they will need more piping and wiring to make the connection. It may also require large holes to be drilled in the walls to enable the connection. Finally, the outdoor aircon ledge should be easily accessible. If not, then our installers may need special equipment, high ladders, or even a skylift to reach the installation site.
  • Complexity of piping
    If the owner wants to conceal all the piping, it may require us to hack the walls to create a channel, and then plaster it back. Or, we may need to hide the wiring using an L-box or trunking.

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