12 Kids Bedroom Design by Malaysian Interior Designers

Kids bedroom design malaysia

Every kid dreams of having a bedroom all to themselves. Done up in their favourite colours, with their prized possessions on display.

If you are planning out the kids bedroom designs, get some inspiration from these visualisations from local interior designers.


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Whether you want to keep it practical and simple, or want to add some extravagance, there are useful ideas and themes for every kid. Make your child feel like the luckiest kid on Earth!


1. This bright yellow kids bedroom will definitely bring cheer to any child.

Kids bedroom design 1
Clover Buildcon Sdn Bhd. Source.


2. White and red theme with custom-made bunk beds and shelves for the miniature car collector.

Ethnic. Source.


3. A more mature theme of soft hues with paneling wall matches the design for the bunk bed. This room is well-suited for older sisters to share.

3D design by Double Art Design Studio. Source.


4. Get the classic attic room feel with wood and fabrics; this is the perfect room for the explorer in every child.

Showroom design by DOVE T.A. Source.


5. A nautical-themed room that is so much more than just a place to sleep. Furnish the space with playgym equipment and this room will be their sanctuary.

3D design by Tiny Spaces. Source.


6. Opt for white and neutral hues with a minimal design for a much cleaner look for kids bedroom.

3D design by Gemelite Interior Studio. Source.


7. Blue stripes for feature wall contrasting with the white ceilings and fixtures totally suitable for the boys. Divide the space with sliding door with mirror to make the room feel bigger.

IIKO Concept. Source.


8. Extend the design all the way up the ceiling to create a fully immersive space. Huge windows let in lots of natural sunlight to make the room even brighter.

3D design by Latitude Design Sdn Bhd. Source.


9. Lots of shelves for the plush toy collector.



10. No true princess room is complete without a four poster bed. This room design even has a walk-in closet!

3D design by Reve Designo. Source.


11. Utilise the narrow room with a custom made four poster bed with under bed drawers and overhead book shelves. Sprinkle the all-white room with a little bit of colour to create a cheerful ambience.

Pocket Square. Source.


12. Rounded edges, cove and backlights create a peaceful yet slightly surreal atmosphere in this room.

Design Spirits. Source.
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