12 Reasons Why Lego Makes the Ultimate Home Furnishing

Did you get more Lego presents this year and don’t know what to make with them? What about turning them into Lego furniture?

Ever since these interlocking blocks were first created back in 1949, children have enjoyed using their imagination to build all sorts of structures. I still remember my neighbour in SS1 had a stunning collection of blocks; enough to build huge spaceships that couldn’t even fit in our schoolbags.

But, the value of Legos extends to far more than just toys. They can also be used by interior designers to put together seriously creative homes and offices. We’re not talking about Lego-themed rooms with red, blue, yellow and green wallpaper here. These are some actual functional structures that designers have created with the humble Lego brick.


1. Kitchen island

Lego kitchen island

Simon Pillard and Philippe Rossetti covered a kitchen island–a simple wooden block-with 20,000 Lego pieces. Source



2. Chair

The designers also created a dining chair with legs covered in the toy blocks. Source



3. Interactive wall


Lego wall

Another great logo wall. How did the kids put the bricks all the way up there? Source



4. Bookshelves

lego bookshelf





5. Lamps

Lego lamp by Sean Kenney

Sean Kenney (a Lego Certified professional) makes fully-functional, hand-made Lego lamps. Source


Lego lamp Lego lamp lit

Blogger “Lavender Girl” removed the lampshade and built her own out of bricks. Source


Another example from Monica LaStaiti. Source


[tweet “What to do with extra Lego? Make walls and furniture.”]


6. A box for kitchen utensils




7. Flower pot


Elizabeth Giorgi posted this lovely weekend project. Great for our rainy Malaysian weather too! Source



8. Guitar

Lego guitar

This fully-functional electric guitar includes 800 Lego bricks. Source



9. Grandfather clock

lego grandfather clock

Eric Harshbarger made a working grandfather clock, complete with Lego gears, axles, and pendulum. Source



10. A boardroom table

lego boardroom table

Design agency abgc made a 1.2 x 2.7 metre boardroom table out of Lego for their client in Dublin. Source



10. A staircase railing wall


The team at I-Beam Design and LEGO master Sean Kenney built a new stair railing and wall utilizing 20,000 LEGO bricks in this 1,500 square foot, New York City based apartment. Source



11. Office partition



Germany-based design studio NPIRE decided to build a wall made out of 55,000 bricks. It stands at over 9 feet and has a span of about 10 feet. Source



12. Or just build the entire house!

lego house james may

James May (of Top Gear fame) built an entire house out of Lego, complete with Lego bed, Lego pillows, Lego shelves, Lego windows, and functioning Lego sink. Source


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