Interior Design Projects for Condo under RM30K

The common misconception about interior designing is the price tag that comes with it. “Oh no, interior decoration is too expensive. I can’t afford that!”, is what every new homeowner with a strict budget would say.

On top of that, it’s hard to sift through trustworthy interior designers who can get the job done and designers who would take advantage by overpricing your quotation.

Truth be told, interior designing can come at quite the affordable price and still be exactly the way you’d imagine, to fit the balance between cost and quality.

To convince you, one of our platform’s interior design firms, R.Works Interior Design, present some of their incredible interior design work, all under a comfortable RM33K!

1. “Funky-Town” Airbnb in 3 Towers, Jalan Ampang

Living room in Funky Town Airbnb, The Salve, 3 Towers, Jalan Ampang
Living room of the “Funky-Town” Airbnb, 3 Towers Jalan Ampang

Completed in 2018, this artsy 885 sqft SoHo unit in 3 Towers, Jalan Ampang was apparently a lot of fun to design and so much more to stay! The unit was converted into an Airbnb, and the owner had requested for a cosy living space within a reasonable budget but the designers decided to turn it up a notch.

Rather than going with the full Scandinavian designs like most Airbnbs, the designers decided to break some rules and contrast them by incorporating some dark bold colours, thus derived the project name “Uptown Funk”.

Some of the unique features added in the living room were the bright yellow cork board mounted in the living area to display creative artwork and photographs, and the striking bumblebee-striped wall panel beside the TV console.

Yellow corkboard with track lights in Funky Town Airbnb The Salve, 3 Towers, Jalan Ampang
Bright yellow corkboard, highlighted with track lights above

Furniture pieces of various colours were also placed by the designers such as the floating beige TV console, dining table, and the L-shaped sofa.

Bumblebee feature wall pillar and Scandinavian TV console with concealed lighting in The Salve Airbnb, 3 Towers, Jalan Ampang
The Scandinavian touch was contributed by the TV console with concealed lighting against an impressive cement textured wall.
Dark wood dining table that seats six at The Salve, 3 Towers, Jalan Ampang
The dining table can comfortably seat six or more

Since SoHo units don’t come with partition walls, the designers found a way to create one without the hard work of adding drywall: curtain room dividers.

It provides enough privacy while still maintaining a wide-open space that isn’t so closed off.

In the main bedroom area, two queen-sized beds were added for sleeping space. The feature wall behind was the same Premium Vasari cement textured paint as the living room, which brings a lot of style to the bedroom environment.

For practicality and a touch of elegance, the designers added the raised platform and enhanced it with some warm concealed lighting on the underside.

Sleeping area with 2 queen-sized beds on a raised platform in The Salve Airbnb, 3 Towers, Jalan Ampang
A smooth grey raised platform is big enough for 2 queen-sized beds

Furthermore, the raised platform for the two queen-sized beds enabled more space to place another single bed if needed. The platform also features some concealed lighting underneath for a more ambient feel.

Double bed in the sleeping area of The Salve Airbnb, 3 Towers, Jalan Ampang
Gaps around the beds can be closed to add another single bed on the platform.

Another clever method of creating an extra sleeping space without a room was the cubby spot. It included a little wardrobe and a grey mirror, making the space seem more equipped. The curtains could be drawn in for more privacy.

Custom made cubby spot for a single bed at The Salve, 3 Towers, Jalan Ampang
Cubby spot for a single bed space

Overall, the works were done under rather short notice but executed perfectly with a modest budget of RM33K which included post-renovation cleaning as well.

Works done:

  • Wall and ceiling painting
  • Feature wall column
  • Lighting works
  • Curtain room dividers
  • Cubby spot
  • TV console
  • Master bedroom raised platform



2. Minimalist modern in Arcoris, Mont Kiara

Living room and pantry area in blue and purple at The Arcoris, Mont Kiara
Living-cum-pantry area of the Arcoris unit, Mont Kiara

This Arcoris, Mont Kiara 917 square feet condo unit that sat dormant for half a year finally went up the market rate once they approached R.Works to spruce the house up.

The style applied here was a modern minimal look with subtle blue and purple accents which only took less than 3 weeks to complete.

Being only 917 square feet, the small unit was successfully made to appear quite spacey with functional yet stylish furniture pieces in neutral wood colours.

Facing the front door, the designers created a minor feature wall decorated with little hexagonal mirrors. The simplicity of the feature wall makes use of the plain white wall to appear more welcoming and appealing. For functional purposes, a set of wooden drawers are placed for extra storage.

Feature wall with hexagonal mirrors at entrance of Arcoris unit, Mont Kiara
View of the simple feature wall facing the entrance

The living room takes a neutral tone with a Scandinavian-inspired white TV console and grey L-shaped sofa that is subtly accentuated with soft blue and pink cushions. Softer lighting fixtures were opted such as track lights and downlights to brighten the room.

View of living and dining areas decorated in blue and purple
Living and dining area decorated lightly with blue and purple accents
Scandinavian TV console with white shelves at the Arcoris unit, Mont Kiara
TV console in the living area, with two white shelves fixed up in the top right corner

In the dining area, a simple grey wooden dining table was practical enough but to accommodate more than 4 people, the designers added a bench of the same design on one side. The unique layout provides a more casual space to unwind with family and friends.

Pantry area with melamine built-in cabinets and grey dining table set
Full view of the pantry area

The master bedroom was fashioned just as effortlessly; furnished minimally with a queen-sized mattress, a metal side table, and a study desk facing the window. The blue details added by the paintings and curtains give a considerable dash of colour to beautify the room.

Bedroom layout in blue accents at the Arcoris unit, Mont Kiara
A simple bedroom design that’s minimally furnished yet aesthetically pleasing

In such little time, this remarkably elegant house was done up nicely for only RM18K. The price after relisting rose up by 22% in the market rate and was successfully rented out!

Works done:

  • Furniture pieces
  • Soft furnishing
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Curtains
  • Feature wall



3. Minimal and light-filled apartment in Empire City, Damansara

Living room view in Empire City, Damansara
Daylight-filled living room view in Empire City, Damansara

This apartment suite in Empire City encompasses an elemental theme of colours that comfortably creates a cosy abode.

Similar to the unit in Arcoris, Mont Kiara, the owner had trouble renting the house out due to its bland appearance. They intended for the house to have a hotel-like feel for short-term rentals.

With a minimal and elemental design in mind, they approached R.Works to create an aesthetically pleasing and multipurpose space catering to any needs their various tenants might require.

Brown furnishings in the Empire City apartment unit, Damansara
Earthy brown shades in the living room

The living area consists of an L-shaped sofa, a loveseat and a coffee table, all in various shades of brown. The area is brightly lit with floor-to-ceiling windows on each corner which allowed for deep accent colours to be applied such as the TV console and dining table.

To splash colour onto the general plainness, the black and white geometrical carpet added flair to the overall neutral tone. The subtle dashes of blue and yellow from the throw blanket and cushions also gave an adequate pop of colour.

Minimally furnished living room in brown shades with subtle colourful accents
The living room furnished minimally to create a comfortable environment

In the dining area, the deep brown dining table beside the balcony is a simple and practical addition to the space. The metal lighting fixture adds an industrial enhancement paired with the bright coloured painting contrasting against the neutral shades of the room.

Dark brown furniture in the dining area with an industrial decorative lamp
The dining area appears bright and welcoming from the light entering through the balcony sliding door

The basic kitchenette provided by the developer was maintained as it fits well into the interior and the colour scheme.

Built-in kitchenette in Empire City, Damansara
The built-in kitchenette provided by the residence developer

The first bedroom features pastel pink accents and a contemporary art piece above the headboard to match the soft elegance of the room.

The bespoke dark wood headboard takes the length of the wall and comes with two floating bedside tables on each side. Little downlight lamps built onto each side provides warm accent lighting for an ambient vibe.

Nude pastel accents in the first bedroom at Empire City, Damansara
The first bedroom emanates a soft aura in nude pastels

The second bedroom was modelled similarly, except with captivating blue accents from the duvet cover and from the art piece to depict a peaceful ocean-like bedroom.

It also came with the full-length headboard, bedside tables, and lamps to complete the room.

Ocean blue accents in the second bedroom of the Empire City unit, Damansara
An ocean of blue for the second bedroom

The bathroom, like the kitchenette, didn’t require any additional works to be done since the developer provided all the necessary facilities.

Bathroom in apartment unit in Empire City, Damansara
The bathroom comes with a built-in shower, toilet with an automatic bidet, and a washbasin

After interior designing, the unit was rented out within a week at more than 70% of the market rate! The house was nothing short of amazing with comfortable furnishing and a unique environment.

Works done:

  • Furniture pieces
  • Soft furnishings
  • Curtains
  • Wall painting
  • Lighting and electrical works
  • Bedroom headboards



4. Modern Chic in Seventeen Residences, Seksyen 17

Modern chic living room in apartment unit at Seventeen Residences
Living area of Seventeen Residence with a tint of chic interior style

This project in Seventeen Residences was an image to behold, crafted with a modern chic-contemporary look that radiates a serene aura.

The owner of this unit had a similar issue of being unable to rent the place out and approached R.Works for a quick revamp of the home. In just 21 days, they took this empty unit and transformed it into an amazing contemporary sanctuary!

Before and after interior comparison of Seventeen Residences unit
Before and after interior designing the living room

The living room was furnished lightly with a grey L-shaped sofa, a small matching coffee table and side table, and bronze stand lamp in the side for a touch of classic vibe.

View of the modern chic living room in the Seventeen Residences unit
The living room emanates a soft ambience from the cool colour scheme

The TV console takes some light wood textures in its wide build, complete with multiple compartments for storing personal belongings or decluttering the area. Blackout drapes in deep blue were placed to match the fuzzy rug on the floor for dark accent touches.

Light wood TV console in the modern chic living room at Seventeen Residence
The polished look of the wood TV console perfectly fits the smooth look of the space

To match the built-in kitchen cabinets, the designers added a dark wood dining table set that comfortably seats six people thanks to the excess floor space in the kitchen. For a pop of colour and setting a cheerful mood, some cute posters were hung up on the empty wall.

Dark brown furniture and built-ins in the kitchen at Seventeen Residence
View of the wide kitchen and dining area in a dark wood colour scheme

For the bedroom, the upholstered bedhead complements the existing built-in wardrobe and paired with taupe drapes. The neutral shades create a soothing vibe to the room, in all its simplicity.

Bedroom in Seventeen Residences unit with taupe accents
The accent features of the bedroom complement each other

Upon completion, the owner was stunned with the results as they definitely exceeded expectations, especially at a reasonable price.

Works done:

  • Preliminary design
  • Furniture pieces
  • Soft furnishing
  • Mechanical and electric works
  • Appliances
  • Design and Management



5. Splashes of colour in Empire City Residence

Kitchenette and dining area in bright red at the Empire City unit, Damansara
Kitchenette and dining area in bold red accents

The one detail standing out in this 2-bedroom Empire City is the strong accent colours applied to this interior which gives it a refreshing look against the smooth neutral tones.

The owners of this unit who were overseas property investors wanted to rent the unit out fast and wanted a hotel-like feeling for the house. To do up the interior, they had approached R.Works for a quick spruce up.

For this unit, the designers decided to go with some bold accents for a heavier contrast against the neutral browns.

One off-the-wall move for this interior was the unique dining table option. The owners decided against a regular dining table and instead opted for a wooden high table and stools.

Sophisticated high table in the dining area at Empire City, Damansara
The high table lends a more casual vibe to the space

The living room included a dark brown couch that complements the elemental tones, paired with a patterned rug and throw pillows.

Dark brown furnishing in the living room with geometrical pattern accents at Empire City, Damansara
The living room features a few decorative twists to the appearance

In the master bedroom, blue accents light up the room gracefully from the duvet cover and the beautiful contemporary canvas painting above the headboard. The built-in furniture such as the bedhead and cupboard carries a darker tone that blends well and gives the room an ambient feel.

Striking blue and red accents in the first bedroom at Empire City, Damansara
The vibrant colours of the room surprisingly complement the subtle features well

The floor plan of this unit is built in such a way that the master bedroom is situated in the corner of the building where the window curves. Assessing the layout, the designers decided to use drapes as the suitable window treatment for a flowy effect.

View of the draped curved window in master bedroom
The curve of the floor to ceiling window allows for an abundance of daylight and a spectacular view of the city below

The second bedroom stuck to an all-neutral colour scheme with green and orange accents. The dark built-in furnishing were identical to the ones in the master bedroom.

The second bedroom in warmer accent colours at Empire City, Damansara
The second bedroom exudes a warmer tenor

Interestingly enough, the bathrooms in this unit enjoy a scenic view of the greenery below given the full-height glass screens replacing the sidewall.

The master bedroom with a glass screen at the side at Empire City, Damansara
The master bathroom enjoys an expansive view of the city below
Shower area in the master bedroom at Empire City, Damansara
The shower features some distinctive tilework patterns
The second bathroom with a glass screen next to the shower at Empire City, Damansara
The second bathroom has the shower positioned next to the glass screen

After the works were completed in a week, the house was rented out and the owners were pleased with the impressive results of their little apartment unit.

Works done:

  • Furniture pieces
  • Soft furnishings
  • Curtains
  • Wall painting
  • Lighting and electrical works
  • Bedroom headboards



6. Modern contemporary studio in Empire City

Interior of studio unit with red accents in Empire City, Damansara
The classy studio unit in Empire City, Damansara

This charming little studio unit in Empire City, Damansara may be small, but it’s designed excellently in a luxurious contemporary style for maximum comfort!

Very much like the other Empire City projects, this interior is based on neutral brown and beige tones which exude a relaxing aura within the space.

View of living and bedroom areas
View of the living and the bedroom area designed impeccably

Given that there are no rooms nor dividers, the bed took the space next to the balcony. The little touches of colour from the red and gold details around the interior provide an elegant contrast all around.

View of the studio unit from the sleeping area
Even with a small space, the unit seems quite spacious

In front of the bed, a small desk and chair is placed for the tenant to do their work. Above the desk, two dark wood shelves were installed to keep little decorative trinkets or books.

Dark wood work desk in front of the bed in the studio unit of Empire City Damansara
The simple desk provides a comfortable space for the tenant to do their work

The furniture pieces used such as the sofa, coffee table, TV console, and desk are mainly deep brown in colour to match the built-ins. This studio is minimally but practically furnished from the constraint of space but still manages to provide adequate comfort.

Front view of the living and bedroom areas in the studio unit at Empire City Damansara
The atmosphere within the unit is one of simple luxury

The dining table is a unique contemporary addition because of its marble top with black and white stripes at the bottom. The metal lighting fixture above also contributes an industrial touch for a sense of fusion.

Dining table and kitchenette in the studio unit at Empire City, Damansara
The dining area appears cosy and warm for guests to come over and enjoy

The kitchenette and bathroom designs remain intact as they were provided by the developer.

The bathroom in the studio unit of Empire City, Damansara
The bathroom is kept simple and well-equipped to meet the needs of any tenant

Just like that, this cool little studio managed to get rented out within the week with this fantastic revamp.

Works done:

  • Furniture pieces
  • Soft furnishings
  • Curtains
  • Wall painting
  • Lighting and electrical works
  • Bedroom headboards


From these amazing projects, it’s safe to say that price isn’t a factor anymore when it comes to living in the home of your dreams. Small changes like furnishing and wall paint go a long way, even if you aren’t looking for major renovations or a do-over of your home layout.

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