This Ambang Botanic semi-D is the definition of “modern industrial”

From an empty unit, this semi-D in Ambang Botanic 2 is now a marvellous family sanctuary for a family of seven with 4 young children and the client’s mother.

When the young couple approached Lebeau Interior Design Sdn Bhd to reinvent their home, they were big on the modern industrial concept which combines both chic and practical to accommodate their big family.

Luckily, the generous 3,400 sqft and skilled interior designing provided all they required, and so much more.

About the property

Ambang Botanic 2 is a freehold semi-D mixed-housing residential area located in Bandar Botanic, Klang. Developed by Gamuda Land in 2012, the estate consists of about 120 units with a combination of double-storey and triple-storey units.

This particular unit has three floors and spans up to 3,400 sqft with a total of 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.

Ground floor layout Ambang Botanic 2
Ground floor layout
First floor layout Ambang Botanic 2
First floor layout
Second floor layout Ambang Botanic 2
Second floor layout

Modern industrial family home

For the most part, the clients relied on the interior designers to breathe life into their home, as they had not specified any details.

With that, the team at Lebeau Interiors created a modern interior concept for the home.

Typically, a modern industrial interior is an integration of industrial details made of cement, exposed brick, and black bars, with the clean-cut modern elements consisting of straight lines and minimal aesthetic.

Therefore, as a means of applying industrial features, the designers made it a point of adding industrial-textured laminates and cement screed special effect paint combined with the comfort refined modern components offer.

As for the layout, they went for a streamlined layout that was manageable to maintain with a big family.

With all their requests taken into account, the designers emulated a home of cool tones and urban industrial features.

Living room

Modern industrial living room with soft ambient lighting and cement textures
View of the living room with soft ambient lights

From the front door, the layout of the welcoming living room is set in a way where the TV console feature wall is beside the entrance. The industrial design of this feature wall serves as a bold highlight, with each texture layering perfectly.

The pale cement screed effect paint of the wall is further contrasted against the geometric wood panels placed on each side of the TV. For a sense of ambience, LED light strips are concealed behind the panels to emphasize the edges.

The console top evenly matches the panels’ dark tone, followed by dark cement textures laminates for the cabinet frame.

Modern industrial TV console
Closer look of the elegantly crafted industrial TV console feature wall

Furnishing is kept to a minimum, with a simple sectional sofa to provide more floor space.

Dining area

Past the living area, a round dining table is placed there to encourage an open space concept. The large marble table seats 8 comfortably and complement the neutral colour scheme of the room.

A black symmetrical Sputnik chandelier was added for an extra flair and some warm ambient lighting.

Modern industrial open space dining room design
The dining table becomes the centre point of the open space

For additional storage space, the full-length built-in cabinet with roomy compartments is installed.

The large grey mirror sliding door not only covers its contents but provides the interior with an illusion of depth.

Black grey mirror cabinets in modern industrial design
The cabinets make it easier to put away things in a hurry


Built-ins in both dry and wet kitchens use a lighter shade of cement textured laminates that captivates the eye as you walk in. The slight contrast from the darker grey tones from the walls tiles seems to harmonize well together.

The cabinetry’s large capacity makes it easier to store items, with a variety of sizes for drawers and cabinets to keep utensils or dry food items.

Modern industrial dry kitchen with concrete textures
Dry kitchen in shades of concrete grey

The broad kitchen island also replicates the cement screed material, with a wash basin attached for washing up.

An induction stove has also been installed into the countertop, apart from the regular fire stove in the wet kitchen. Any minor cooking can be done in the dry kitchen itself, making it easier to work.

Dry kitchen cabinetry in grey modern industrial tones
A closer look at the dry kitchen cabinets

Built into the cabinetry is also a built-in oven and cubby hole for the refrigerator, for the family to use without taking up more space.

Separating the two kitchens is a statement black framed glass sliding door. Apart from keeping out unwanted fumes and loud noises, it brings a cool sense of dramatic style to this modern home.

Black-framed modern industrial glass divider
The boldness of the black-framed glass divider lends character to the space

Past the glass divider, the wet kitchen comes with a narrow, practical layout. The walls here are covered in white subway tiles for a clean glossy effect, further accentuated by the black finishes of the countertop and cabinet skirtings.

Modern industrial kitchen design with grey laminates
View of the white-tiled wet kitchen

The cabinetry flaunts a cool cement texture that interestingly contrasts with the white base colour scheme.

On the left end, a simple gas stove and cooker hood are installed. A kitchen sink is also fitted into the counter with small awning windows that look out to the backyard.

The amount of leftover space here creates an airy workspace even when the glass divider is closed, along with a great ventilation flow from the backdoor and windows.

Grey laminate cabinetry modern industrial design
Grey cabinets contrast well with the black finishes

To imitate natural lighting throughout the day, recessed lights with a frosted glass slab is fitted to subtly brighten the kitchen. A few lighting points were added as well too, creating an adequate blend of warm and cool light temperature to brighten the area.

Modern industrial wet kitchen with soft white lighting
Soft white lighting gives the impression of natural light seeping into the room


One of the most notable features of the house’s design is the magnificent modern industrial-themed feature wall along the staircase. Using Vasari cement texture paint to coat the wall, LED light strips were also added for a calm ambient illumination as one walks up.

Modern industrial stairway feature wall with LED strip lights
The wall light strips give a celestial effect as one walks up the stairs

This artsy piece spreads past the landing to the 1st-floor foyer, where a versatile space is created for the family to use, whether as a TV room or a simple hangout area.

First floor foyer feature wall modern industrial
View of the empty foyer

Sons’ bedroom

The client has 3 young boys, who occupy the biggest bedroom on the 1st floor. Entering the room, the expansive light-washed space comes with a walk-in wardrobe, a massive custom made double-decker bed, and a built-in desk with cabinets.

Full-length windows flood the room with an abundance of natural light, warming it with the elegant neutral tones incorporated here.

Floor length bedroom windows furnished with soft neutral tones
Sunlight is dulled down by sheer curtains during the day
Modern industrial bedroom in soft neutral tones
View of the entire bedroom with plenty of floor space

The large double-decker bed, custom made with grey textured laminates, is a towering fixture reaching close to the ceiling, with two mattresses placed on both platforms. It is conveniently designed with pull-out drawers and pigeon holes to keep toys and personal items.

As the boys are still young, the double-decker bed provides a fun and playful structure for them to enjoy.

Custom made double-decker bed in grey laminates and built-in storage
The double-decker structure leaves no space unutilized

Both platforms below are considerably spacey with the mattress in place, with some gap on both sides of the mattress to walk in.

An LED strip light lines the back of the headboard, which works as a unique night light to brighten the box-like space. A couple of plug points have been built into the cubby as well, for any electronics to be plugged in.

Custom made double decker bed cubby hole in grey laminates and warm accent lighting
The soft glow in the cubby hole sets a calm mood

Little steps through a narrow stairway lead to the top platform. Tight space also keeps it safe for the children to avoid falling.

The black wire mesh not only reduces any potential stuffiness inside the space but adds to the industrial element the client wanted.

On the right side of the room, a study desk is mounted to the wall along with a row of open shelves and large cabinet units to maximize the vertical space.

The desk even comes with plug points, under cabinet strip lights, and drawers. The desk size was a crucial factor, as it needed to fit all 3 boys while they were studying or playing.

Bookcase lighting in built-in shelves
Bookcase lighting provides an extra glow to the shelves

Right beside it is a hidden walk-in wardrobe. The textured wall panels camouflage the door which swings in to reveal the hidden room.

Hidden walk-in wardrobe in modern industrial design
The hidden doors open into a walk-in wardrobe

Inside, warm wood built-in cabinets cover the walls and a door leading to the bathroom can be found on the left.

Walk-in wardrobe with brown built-in cabinetry
View of the walk-in wardrobe with built-in cabinets

Daughter’s bedroom

For the daughter’s bedroom, the layout seems simple yet spacious enough. A super single bed is placed in the middle of the room.

Star-shaped hanging lamps lightly illuminate the corner, mainly for decorative purposes. For a touch of nuance, the wall behind the bed is painted with a neutral brown tone.

Modern bedroom design
Daughter’s bedroom

On the opposite side of the room, pale coloured built-in cabinets with black accents make for wardrobe space. One side of cabinets had their laminate panels replaced with mirrors as a neat way of creating full-body mirrors.

The room also came with an attached bathroom next to the closet.

Built-in cabinetry with full length mirrors
The built-in cabinets conveniently have full length mirrors installed
Modern bedroom design with attached bathroom
View of the bedroom with the attached bathroom

Mother’s bedroom

Similar to the previous bedroom, this one also comes with a straightforward layout. On one side, there is a super single bed and decorative hanging lamps.

Modern bedroom design
Mother’s bedroom

The opposite wall includes a small built-in closet with an attached bathroom beside it.

Built-in cabinetry in modern industrial design
This bedroom has a slightly smaller built-in as compared to the others

Master bedroom

Being the only room on the 2nd floor, the master bedroom which takes up the entire space carries itself with a grandiose elegance, highlighting strong industrial elements in its design.

Most of the room is yet to be furnished, exposing the large expanse of wood laminate flooring.

Master bedroom in modern industrial design
Full view of the master bedroom

The singular visual attraction that catches the eye is the fascinating bedhead feature wall made of rustic concrete textured panels. In its centre, a recessed wooden shelf with strip lighting provides a small storage area.

Industrial themed ceiling lamps hang down on either side of the bed, warmly illuminating the two built-in nightstands extending from the wall.

Modern industrial cement textured feature wall
The cement screed finish gives the room an edgy yet welcoming style

The client opted for a low king-size modern bed frame, with cushioned sides for ultimate comfort.

Master bedroom bed and feature wall in modern industrial design
View of the bed frame and feature wall

The bed faces a large grey mirror, which could double as a full-length mirror. For the dresser and cabinetry, industrial textured material covers the surfaces for an authentic effect. Cubby holes by the side also come with warm accent lighting.

Modern industrial bedroom design with grey industrial textured laminates and grey mirrors
The grey mirror combined with the cement textured laminates give a striking appearance

For the wardrobes, the designers used black frames and grey glass to create a timeless modern look, added with soft lighting points to brighten the insides.

Grey mirror wardrobes in modern industrial design
The wardrobe’s moody tones have a deep alluring effect

The perfect modern industrial home

The results were stunningly impressive, much to the client’s satisfaction. The price was also quite reasonable considering the works done, coming to a total of RM200K.

Project details

Location: Ambang Botanic 2, Klang

Property size: 3,400 sqft semi-D

Price: RM200K

Purpose: Own stay

Design: Modern Industrial

Completed in: October 2020

Works done: Built-in cabinetry, feature wall, TV console, loose furnishing, flooring, custom made double-decker bed frame, walk-in closet, kitchen glass divider, painting, lighting, and plaster ceiling.

Designer: Kingsley Lim for Lebeau Interior Design Sdn. Bhd

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