29 Inspiring Malaysian Kitchen Island Styles

Want a kitchen island? You’ve seen them in magazines and interior design shows, and they make the kitchen look great. If the kitchen space in your new home is big enough, why not have one installed?

If you are keen to install a kitchen island, here is a list of things you should know about them, along with some examples of kitchen island designs from homes in Malaysia.

What is a kitchen island?

A kitchen island is a free-standing piece of countertop space. It is meant to provide additional workspace to existing kitchen cabinets. Whether you have straight, galley, L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen cabinets, a kitchen island is normally separated from the cabinets and placed in the middle of the room.

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Why do I need a kitchen island?

A kitchen island adds versatility to any kitchen. For example, you can use the extra counter space to prepare food, or add a sink for washing up. You can also add seats on one side and use it as a bar counter to serve food, chat and entertain guests. You can even add a cooking hob and pretend you are on a food show. The area below the kitchen island counter also gives you lots of additional cabinet space.

With so much functionality, many homeowners love the idea of having a kitchen island and the storage it provides. Designed properly, it can improve the overall look and feel of the kitchen.

What is the normal size and height of a kitchen island?

Height: The average height of a kitchen island is 90cm; the same as your kitchen cabinets. Generally, manufacturers will build the island frame at 88 cm height. The kitchen counter will add about 2 cm, but this will vary depending on whether it is made of a thick hardwood (butcher’s block), granite, quartz or solid surface.

Width and length: Kitchen island dimensions generally start at 2m width by 1m depth. However, the actual dimensions will depend on the size of your kitchen. Some larger kitchens will even create an L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen island.

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Here are some of the latest kitchen islands designs created by our contractors on Recommend.my:

1. Condominium in Casa Tropicana

With luxurious, thick marble countertops and a long marble island, this kitchen is split to wet and dry areas. The dry kitchen includes a long island that doubles as a dining table. Its lampshade style overhead lights add a touch of softness to the room. The kitchen is open to the living room so you can cook and visit with family and friends at the same time.

Malaysian kitchen island
Project by: Pocket Square


2. Condominium in St Mary Residences, Bukit Bintang

This kitchen island provides ample workspace to prepare food, with the added convenience of a double bowl sink. There is even electrical outlets so you can plug in your blender or food processor. Its unique design repeats the black granite from the cabinet counters, but uses it for all the side panels as well.

Malaysian kitchen island
Project by: La Conception Hauz


3. Semi Detached House in Ecohill, Semenyih

This kitchen island incorporates plenty of interest by using cement blocks as the structure, then adding a laminate plywood end panel and countertop. It is primarily used as a bar stool sitting area, since the kitchen is already split into wet and dry spaces.

Malaysian kitchen island
Project by: Amorphous Design


4. Condominium in Cheras

Another kitchen that is split to wet and dry, this kitchen island is cool and clean, yet warm and inviting. It is used purely as a sitting area. With a large black quartz counter that welcomes family and guests to come stay awhile. The ceiling cove lights provide ambient lighting, so the designers install a ceiling fan instead of pendant lights to cool the island area.

Malaysian kitchen island
Project by: Meridian Inspiration


5. Superlink Terrace at Temasya Citra, Glenmarie

Family and friends will feel at home immediately when they step into this kitchen. It is natural, earthy, and warm in the Scandinavian design style. The island provides a wooden workspace for preparing food, or simply sitting with family, as the butcher block counter extends beyond the cabinets on one side leaving room for barstools.  It is a great space for cooking and entertaining.

Malaysian kitchen island
Project by: Meridian Inspiration


6. Bungalow in Bangsar

This spacious and elegant kitchen includes a solid surface kitchen island with a lower, dark quartz counter attached to it for guests to sit at. The large island leaves plenty of room for kitchen prep work or sitting down to enjoy a meal with family and friends.

Malaysian kitchen island
Project by: Meridian Inspiration


7. Condominium in Vina Residence, Cheras

This kitchen island is pushed against the wall, and provides lots of additional storage space via a set of drawers and two cabinets with chrome-finished pulls. The island counter is done in black granite, with industrial-style pendant lights to complete the look.

Malaysian kitchen island
Project by: Meridian Inspiration


8. Terrace house in Ara Damansara

The kitchen island in this dry kitchen section is made in extra length to provide both storage cabinets and seating area. The designer has also cleverly added track power points so that appliances can be plugged in (or laptops can be charged) when someone is seated there.

Malaysian kitchen island
Project by: Meridian Inspiration


9. Bungalow in Subang Bestari, Subang

This kitchen takes the galley layout to a whole new level of style. It has dramatic lines, built-in appliances, and clean, floor-to-ceiling cabinets. The island is left partially open to allow for a display area and add visual interest.

Malaysian kitchen island
Project by: Senihomes


10. Bungalow in Shah Alam

This beautiful stone-and-metal kitchen has a T-shaped island. Along one section, the island is made of black granite that functions as a slim dining table, and the other section is made from white marble, with built-in sink. Clever lighting built into the base of the white section makes the island look as though it is floating.

Malaysian kitchen island
Project by: Hatch Design


11. Bungalow in Subang Heights

Another luxurious and almost decadent kitchen that looks like it came straight out of a Roman domus. The custom cabinetry doesn’t leave a single detail out with beautiful bead trim and a furniture-style large centre island made from natural black granite. A slim length of hardwood has been added to the island to create a seating counter where guests can enjoy a meal.

Malaysian kitchen island
Project by: Hatch Design


12. Semi-Detached House in Shah Alam

Even in a small kitchen, it’s possible to have a kitchen island. This modern kitchen blends neutral and wood tones beautifully for style and function. There is plenty of cabinetry and built-in appliances to effectively utilise all its space. The overhead lighting adds interest and brightness to the centre island.

Malaysian kitchen island
Project by: The Design Studio


13. Condominium in Serin Cristal Residence, Cyberjaya

This monochrome kitchen island design features soft gray cabinetry with black, wrought iron pulls and stark white quartz counters. Nestled in the island counter is a contrasting statement piece, a black sink. The gas range and range hood are also black and set up against a white, subway tile backsplash.

Malaysian kitchen island
Project by: La Conception Hauz


14. Condominium in Ara Damansara

This dry kitchen design features a long island counter that also has a suspended glass display cabinet overhead. The suspended cabinet has built-in lights to illuminate the island, allowing guests to sit and dine in comfort. At both ends of the long kitchen island sit 4G cabinet doors that provide additional storage space.

Malaysian kitchen island
Project by: Furlab Enterprise


15. Semi-D residence in Sunway Montana

This open kitchen concept is light, bright, and airy. It combines natural and sleek modern elements for a cohesive, unique look. The large kitchen island in the centre has a beautiful white quartz slab counter. It is an ideal space for food prep or social gatherings. The high, white cabinets and three matching overhead lights finish off this bright and open design.

Malaysian kitchen island
Project by: M&C Concept Design


16. Bungalow in Shah Alam

This traditional kitchen look is welcoming and warm. The island provides seating, and the end panels match the cabinet doors. The island countertop is made from marble to match the marble backsplash. Soft, white lighting hangs from the ceiling above for just the right amount of ambience.

Malaysian kitchen island
Project by: Hatch Design


17. Condominium in Cheras

This modern-style galley kitchen combines function with fabulous. The island is large and inviting with a gray stone countertop and ridged end panels. Three black pendant lights hang overhead, and there is a small sink for washing up. The island functions as a natural divider between the kitchen and dining areas so you can visit with family and guests while you cook.

Malaysian kitchen island
Project by: QM Design


18. Condominium in Mont Kiara

This kitchen design is elegant and luxurious. The white cabinets are dressed with gold pulls and a slab of black granite. The spacious centre island is made of a large marble slab with plenty of room for food prep and seating. The soft gray walls are framed out for added interest. Large natural stone floor tiles complete the look of this beautiful kitchen.

Malaysian kitchen island
Project by: Hatch Design


19. Open concept kitchen at Siglap Avenue

This kitchen in Singapore integrates an induction cooker hob into the kitchen island to create a teppanyaki-style dining area. The island frame Incorporates grey stones for a distinct look. A great open-plan kitchen that is airy and spacious enough to throw a party with your friends.

Malaysian kitchen island
Source: ZADC Studio


20. Elegant kitchen island design

The modern kitchen uses mirrored cabinet doors and reflective white surfaces to great effect. The square, all-white kitchen island with stone countertop includes a single bowl sink for washing up, and there is also an extension in black quartz that provides seating for four.

Malaysian kitchen island
Source: Latitude Design


21. Double-storey home at Sunway SPK

Here is a truly functional kitchen island for the budding chef. The island includes a sink, induction cooker, a bar seating section, as well as a cooker hood overhead. Perfect for light cooking.

Malaysian kitchen island
Source: Movent Signature


22. Classic English kitchen island

This kitchen island makes a perfect breakfast bar in your home. Black countertops are used across all cabinets, with a unique descending chandelier for added effect.

Malaysian kitchen island
Source: Signature Kitchen


23. Semi-D house in Kiara View, Mont Kiara

This large square kitchen island provides lots of counter space for baking or dining. With a marble stone countertop that extends to the end panels, and wide drawers for added storage.

Malaysian kitchen island
Source: Hatch Design


24. Superlink House in Ipoh South Precinct

This dry kitchen has an island with a twist. Clear glass dividers have been added to both sides of the island, with a distinct hexagon design. The island also adds angled lines as a another design feature to its cabinet frame, and the countertop slopes up at one end to house the sink. Those partition glass doors are great to use to divide the wet kitchen. This kitchen island makes a good eating area in your home with added bar stools.

Malaysian kitchen island
Source: Hatch Design


25. Semi-D at Bukit Segar

This long kitchen includes a monochrome kitchen island with sleek glossy panels in black and white counters. A plaster ceiling L-box adds timber strips for a touch of natural appeal.

Malaysian kitchen island
Source: Young Concept Design


26. Setia Eco Glades (Stafford), Cyberjaya

The beauty of Scandinavian design helps showcase a clean-lined and minimalistic setting. This grey stone countertop with minimal brown wall mounted shelving helps display your kitchen utensils and appliances. Hence, this kitchen style is definitely a clutter-free environment with a good amount of storage.

Malaysian kitchen island
Source: Pocket Square


27. Wood laminate kitchen island

Wood laminates are used to great effect in this kitchen. This kitchen island provides ample seating, with track electrical points for appliances.

Malaysian kitchen island
Source: ID kitchen


28. Monochrome kitchen island

This black cabinetry with white interior makes such a classy statement. That kitchen island placed at the centre of the kitchen makes a good sitting area or even a food preparation table. Add simple light fixtures to brighten up the kitchen area.

Malaysian kitchen island
Source: AA System


29. Brown and white combination island

This kitchen island does double duty as a washing area and open display shelf for books and crockery. The rich wood tones for the cabinetry, mixed with a white solid surface countertop gives it an elegant look.

Malaysian kitchen island
Source: Nice Style Interior Design


Ready to build your own kitchen island?

Incorporating an island table in your kitchen can improve your kitchen productivity, make it look good, and even increase the value of your home. It is purposeful, functional and yet stylish with all types of designs and sizes.

Recommend.my has listed over a thousand interior designers, kitchen experts and renovation pros across Malaysia, complete with project photos and customer reviews. If you need help designing your kitchen, submit your requirements now and our recommended pros will respond with to schedule an on-site visit.


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