7 Ways to Design a Muji-Inspired Home Interior

When you hear the term “muji”, the first thing that comes to mind is the home decor store found in many shopping malls.

But, the term “muji” is not just a brand name. It comes from the Japanese “mujirushi”, which means “no-brand goods”. Basically, it is a “less is more” concept and a straightforward design.

The first thing that comes to mind for muji is a clutter-free, minimalist design. But muji-design is more than just minimalism, it is about finding the perfect balance between sustainability and the soothing sensation of ‘zen’.

But how do you achieve that? We’ve listed down 7 fundamental ways of creating the perfect muji-inspired home interior design.

Muted colour theme

The perfect unifying base of muji design begins with colour, specifically a muted color palette. Its scheme mainly consists of neutral colors like white, light cream, light gray tones, and pale wood used in flooring and furnishings.

Muji inspired interior design with soft neutral muted tones
Source: chidesignresearch.com

Lightwood-colored flooring

Light wood flooring visually streamlines the house while constructing a tidy and spacious home creating a perfect vibe of muji home. It automatically brightens the space when natural light flows in to keep it looking calm and serene.

Muji inspired interior design with lightwood beige flooring
Source: minimalist.sg

Easy-to-clean subway tiles

Lately, subway tiles are an in-demand style for home design. Especially for muji-design, white subway tiles add a practical and timeless allure. For a seamless facade, you could add it from floor-to-ceiling in the living room wall or use it as a kitchen backsplash.

Muji inspired interior design with white subway tiles
Source: soontobemrskeir.blogspot.com
Muji inspired interior design with white subway tile feature wall
Source: oscarhome.co.jp

Lots of natural light

Muji design is pioneered with functional elements that are simple and practical. Allowing lots of natural light into the home makes the space look lively and larger than it actually is.

Installing more windows is a costly hassle, but a decent alternative is by creating an illusion of natural light by using artificial ones.

Muji inspired interior design with natural lighting
Source: oscarhome.co.jp
Muji inspired interior design with natural lighting
Source: oscarhome.co.jp

Multifunctional furniture with storage

Another key aspect of muji design is about making use of every available space in your home, to maintain the appearance of minimal clutter. Platform beds with storage are one of the perfect options for making the bedroom look boundless and immaculate.

Muji inspired interior design with platform bed and extra storage space
Source: Couple Abode

Similarly, elevated platforms in high foot traffic areas or common spaces can be applied to seamlessly add extra storage anywhere while giving off a zen-like feel to the house. Be it in the entryway, living room, or bedroom, platforms are sure to elevate your home.

Muji inspired interior design with elevated platforms
Source: granhouse.co.jp
Muji inspired interior design with living room elevated platforms
Design: Distinctidentity

Slatted Wood Windows

If you’re into retreat or vacation home designs, slatted wood windows are the way to go. One inexpensive method is to add bamboo shades or white blinds to create the same effect. They diffuse light from entering the room while emanating a relaxing ambient look.

Muji inspired interior design with slatted bedroom windows
Source: behance.net
Muji inspired interior design with living slatted windows
Source: DS 2000

Ample storage to hide clutter

Because seamless storage plays a huge part in muji designing, improve the efficiency of in common spaces by adding neat shelves or built-in

Muji-style storage tries to improve efficiency whether by adding neat shelves, or built-in wooden boxes. The main purpose of this is to have a long-lasting storage solution that is both economical and ecological.

Muji inspired interior design with living room storage shelves
Source: daiwahouse.co.jp
Muji inspired interior design with neutral toned wall shelves
Source: oscarhome.co.jp
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