Bright and Yellow Interior Design In Malaysian Homes

A touch of yellow can bring cheer to any room in the house

Yellow is associated with happiness and warmth, so it works well to brighten the mood in any room.

But, where and how should you incorporate yellow interior design? It is such a striking colour, so if you use too much, it can be overwhelming.

The trick is to pick the right shade, and be subtle. Muted shades of yellow can add charm to the living room. Pale yellow can liven up the children’s bedroom. And sunny yellow can brighten up a dark hallway.

Here are a few great ideas on adding yellow interior design to your home.


Pale yellow curtains to add richness to this dining room in this Shah Alam bungalow

Modern Classic Design With Warm Colours for a Bungalow in Shah Alam. Design by Hatch Design



Mixed yellow and blue dining chairs in this condo in Bangsar

Bangsar condominium interior design by MIL Design. Project sourced at

A bright and airy space is created by removing the walls and false ceiling.



Touches of yellow from wall artwork, cushions and tableware in this semi-d in Sri Hartamas

Owners requested for a contemporary design, furniture and canvas with a mixture of personal artefacts by Senihomes. Found on RecomN Interiors

So many lovely patterns!



Yellow front doors in this semi-d in Bangi

Interior design for a 3,000+ sqft. Semi-D in Bandar Baru Bangi. Rooms included are master bedroom, family room/study, dining room, living room. Found on RecomN Interiors. Project by Bonnieblue Furniture and Interiors

Give your guests a cheery welcome with a bright yellow front door and welcome mat.



Pale yellow kitchen tiles in this semi-d in Cheras Idaman

Interior design for a Semi-D house in Viridian Cheras Idaman. Project by Moonlit Inspiration, found on RecomN Interiors.



Yellow kitchen counter and island in this home in Ipoh

4-bedroom Semi-D in Ipoh South precinct with yellow interior design elements. Project by Hatch Design at RecomN Interiors

The designers came up with the idea of adding a twist of tangy yellow color. The yellow countertops, yellow shelves and lime yellow lights add a unique character to the kitchen. Red and black chairs further complement the look.



Here are some more yellow interior design ideas that we love:

Bright yellow walls with matching yellow shelves



Yellow tiled kitchen backsplash



Yellow flooring



Yellow staircase railing



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