Creating A Dog-Friendly Home Is Easier Than You Think!

Dog-Friendly Home

“A dog is a man’s best friend”. There’s a reason why this quote is famous. The canine is often regarded as more than a mere pet, but in fact, considered a part of the family. Create a dog-friendly home to ensure they have the best environment to live in. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be on your way in doing just that!

1. Safe and sound from the hounds

Consuming just one wrong pill might result in death! Protect your pets from this happening. Make sure there are no unattended medicine, vitamins, or supplements laying freely around. Store them in a cabinet or place them at a height unreachable to dogs.

Dog-friendly home: medicine cabinet
Make sure all medicine are out of reach

2. Down on all fours

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself petite or tall as a runway model. The human height means we have a rather elevated field of view. Our eyesights from that level are rather limited in detecting what lies on the floor. Get down on all fours and get a sense of what your dog sees. Look out for any hidden objects, wires, or anything that might be hazardous towards your canine friend.

Dog-friendly home: all fours
A dog’s field of view is much lower than ours.

3. Small and cute little creatures

Follow methods and tips used when baby-proofing and having a dog-friendly home will be easy to achieve. Install products such as baby gates, table edge guards, electrical outlet covers, and cabinet safety locks at your premise. They are easily available, relatively affordable, and will help keep your dogs safe.

Dog-friendly home: baby-proof
You use the same methods when baby-proofing.

4. Conceal and seal

Make sure all trash cans and garbage bins in your home are concealed. Failure to do so may result in very unpleasant results. Either your dog will end up sick or your floor will be covered by trash. Worst still, you may end up with both! Purchase a pull-out trash can or one with a heavy metal lid.

Dog-friendly home: trash bins
You don’t want this scenario to happen.


So, there you have it! Simple tips to dog-proof your home. Now you can turn your focus on other aspects of designing your home. Head on over to and we’ll give you the best recommendations for any design or renovation services that you’ll need!

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