Have You Ever Seen a Geode Cake? Amazing!

This trending cake design makes use of colourful sugar rocks to make your cake look like a stunning crystal formation.

Ever seen a geode cake? They look like something a person discovered in a mine somewhere.

Geode cake design
Geode cake design. Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

No, they are not made of rock, but of rock sugar. And the designs are just as stunning as their geological originals. They take some time to make, but the results are amazing!

If you want to order a beautiful geode cake design in Malaysia for your wedding or other event, you’re in luck. We found some talented Malaysian bakers who are experts in doing Geode cakes.


Blue Agate by Peh’stry

Founded by Win Nie, Peh’stry specialises in minimalist and elegant event cakes, cupcakes and selected desserts.

Besides her fondant and gum paste cakes, watercolour buttercream cakes as well as naked fresh flower cakes, she has made the geode designs below.

Blue agate geode cake by Peh' Stry - RecomN.com bakers malaysia
Blue agate geode cake. Source.


Amethyst cupcake topper by Peh’stry

Amethyst geode cupcake topper by Peh'stry
Amethyst geode cupcake topper by Peh’stry.


Emerald design by Vanilla Pods

Kim, the founder of Vanilla Pods admits that at first, she was not so keen on using fondant for her cakes. But today, she is known as one of the most talented cake artist here in Malaysia.

Vanilla Pods accepts orders for customised cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes, hokkaido cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, tiramisu party cups, cheese cake-in-a-cup and caramel popcorn for your special occasions.

Among her creations is this mesmerising emerald geode cake:

Emerald geode cake by Vanilla Pods - RecomN.com custom cake baker
Emerald geode cake by Vanilla Pods.


How are geode cake designs made?

A geode cake is made by removing a portion of the inside of a regular round cake. Then, by adding different coloured sugar rocks, you can design the crystal formations you want.

Although the procedures sound simple, creating a geode cake design requires a lot of patience, time and creativity. The design is so intricate, and can take more than 12 hours to carefully arrange those crystal sugar rocks, piece by piece to complete a single tiered cake.

Want to order a geode cake for your next event?
We have hundreds of recommended, creative bakers at Recommend.my who will be happy to design your geode cake or any other cake design. Tell us the cake design you have in mind, and when you need it.

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